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Synonyms for svelte

Synonyms for svelte

showing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience

moving and bending with ease

being of delicate or slender build

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No only is she the oldest - and not exactly the sveltest - contestant in the new series, which starts on Sunday, but 66-year-old Laila is in agony after tearing a muscle in her shoulder.
Carter is 35 now and not the sveltest but has bowled 329.5 overs this season and when his second ball trapped Adil Rashid lbw he reached 50 wickets.
But even some of celebville's sveltest have managed to fall off the diet wagon, spectacularly giving in to the Land of Lard after a lifetime of denial.
There's also the fact that even the sveltest laptops weigh in at a few pounds, minimum.