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Synonyms for svelte

Synonyms for svelte

showing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience

moving and bending with ease

being of delicate or slender build

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I'll often tie in an overly generous clump of bucktail and think better of it later, trimming a few hairs, making for a svelter swimmer.
This was the highlight for me and after 45 minutes I left that pool feeling slightly svelter and indeed a bit knackered.
Hygieia's svelter acolytes converge on our club at 5 p.m., dressed for mating prospects as well as cardiovascular challenges.
Could it be love for her rugby-playing boyfriend Gavin Henson that has made the once much svelter Charlotte curve up?
Don't put it off join a class you really could look svelter!
Little morsels of backstage sass -- Bagneris' Papa Du is making time with both big Bertha and Rosalind Brown's younger and svelter Thelma -- alternate with onstage perfs in a clunkily repetitive manner that becomes monotonous long before the show's two hours are up.
And though svelter subjects exercised much more, Miller suspects this alone does not account for the major difference in body weights, and points to a pair of studies his team conducted in 1984 and '87.