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the position or authority of a suzerain

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the domain of a suzerain

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At that time the term Gwadar was applied not only to the town and port of Gwadar but the entire area under the suzerainty of Muscat.
A suzerainty is a relationship between states in which a more powerful state controls certain aspects of the less powerful state, like its foreign policy.
while the rest of Armenia was submerged under foreign control a flicker of freedom was maintained in Karabakh, albeit under Iranian suzerainty.
The Levant - the geographical landmass of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel, Palestine and northwest Iraq - remained under ottoman suzerainty prior to World War I, followed by French control as mandate systems in the post-war settlement.
The Russian protectorate over the Principalities, which under the new circumstances was reducing the Ottoman suzerainty to a nominal state, and the protection of the Orthodox Christians in Turkey were weighing heavily in the balance of powers in the south-eastern Europe between Russia and the Western world.
Further tax law is increasingly international - especially with EU suzerainty.
Is defeating ISIS/ISIL in its caliphate worth creating an Iranian suzerainty in the Middle East?
Even before Mongol suzerainty formally ended, Muscovy incorporated its own client khanate at Kasimov, which meant that Tatars--Muslims as well as Christian converts--were familiar figures at court.
Initially invited to arbitrate a succession dispute, Edward claimed feudal suzerainty over the kingdom.
In developing this thread, Gunn takes his distance from Van Nguyen-Marshall, who offers a more critical view of French suzerainty in her book, In search of moral authority: The discourse on poverty, poor relief, and charity in French colonial Vietnam (2008).
Bryant's subtitle "A Grand Strategic Interpretation" is thus advanced in a narrowly technical sense: At what point did EIC strategy (both military and geo-political) shift from the goal of protecting the assets of a quasi-private trading company to that of promoting the interests of a quasi-sovereign government determined to exercise suzerainty over the entire subcontinent?
The philosophy of Al Baghdadi, therefore, pivots around providing right, might, dignity and leadership to all Muslims through establishing suzerainty over a territory.
The Chinese, wanted sovereignty over Tibet, but they even lost their claim even of suzerainty by not ratifying it.
The Kingdom of Solun under Dojchin recognized the Suzerainty of Aragon and became part of Castilla and Aragon, the name Spain bore in those medieval days.
Rajasinghan went on to say, Rama observed penance for killing a Brahmin (Ravanan) in Rameswaram, which was under the suzerainty of Ravana.