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the position or authority of a suzerain

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the domain of a suzerain

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After the Crimean War, the Peace Treaty of Paris (1856) leaves the Principalities under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire and, as a result of Russia's defeat, places them under the collective protection of the Powers: no guarantor power was allowed to intervene alone in the affairs of the Principalities.
Hungarian suzerainty, 1358-1526 allowed Ragusa even greater
Second, an aspect of the transition not fully recognized at the time was the fact that the Qing empire was simultaneously asserting the ritual privileges and prerogatives of suzerainty (usually understood as traditional) and engaging in what can only be labeled imperialism of a much more modern sort.
American suzerainty preferred over Filipino independence.
Though this part of the Vind_hyas was under the suzerainty of the Kalachuris and the majority of temples reported from the region belong to the Kalachuri style, the derivation of Pratihara motifs (Garuda and nagashakhas) in these temples needs to be interpreted in future studies.
After all, waning Russian suzerainty and influence in Syria maybe leading them to look elsewhere.
Taiwan is a claimant in the South China Sea dispute for reasons of history: Its claim matches that of the mainland, as Beijing and Taipei both vie to uphold what they argue is China's historical suzerainty over the SCS.
This is how people Live--ordinary people whose only crime is having had the bad luck to be born into a totalitarian suzerainty so suffocatingly potent that children, asked what they want to do when they grow up, reply simply: "Leave.
The network's alliance with Pakistan is a manifestation of Islamabad's unacceptable ambition to establish suzerainty over Afghanistan.
Jesus' third temptation--in which he is offered temporal suzerainty in return for his obeisance to the one who asserts controlling interest in "the powers of this dark world" (Matt.
Powerful emperors isolated themselves and treated other states and peoples as vassal states over which the "Middle Kingdom," China, or Zhongguo, exercised suzerainty.
In their descriptions of the covenant between God and the Israelites, the ancient authors relied upon the structure of Hittite suzerainty treaties.
The city of Genoa was granted suzerainty over the region in 1191 by the Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich V, and they constructed a fortress on a prominent headland later known as the Roche de Monaco (Rock of Monaco).
However, with American military support, the ACS was able to establish a colony in Liberia under its suzerainty (Movement for Justice in Africa, 1980).
From its experiences from the oil booms at the beginning of the twentieth century and the trials and tribulations of two world wars and Soviet suzerainty for more than 70 years, Azerbaijan has held its position in the energy equation.