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a state exercising a degree of dominion over a dependent state especially in its foreign affairs

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The rulers are the suzerains of neighbouring kingdoms, and are even considered to be the 'brothers' and equals of the central Wewiku-Wehali ruler.
Les officiers coloniaux y decrivaient la presence de << suzerains >> nomades qui exploitaient leurs <<serfs>> sedentaires supposes descendants d'esclaves.
(34) The language thus suggests that at least one of the many competing suzerains operating in Egypt had a very real fear of the Assyrian military and was inclined to transfer the fugitive rebel king back to Assyria.
European nations tried to shuck off their suzerains in the 19th century.
1125, engaged in armed rebellion against their suzerains, the kings of Scots.
Having inherited, assumed and replaced the suzerains of earlier centuries, nation-states now buffer external forces and influences, champion the local concerns of their adherents and mediate between the constraints and challenges of the international arena as well as the dynamism of their own internal economic, political and social realities.
When in the course of the 18th century it faced repeated onslaughts from the Dzungar Mongols across its western frontiers Tibet appealed for aid to its Manchu suzerains. Happily the latter were responsive but appended a price tag.
Although probably not yielding as much silver as did the nearby mines of Novo Brdo and Rudnik, the Trepca mine did answer to the needs of Serbian suzerains to fund their military activities; for example, Trepca silver financed the building of fortresses all along the Ibar Valley against the Ottoman threat.
Before long, the suzerains of cluelessness Bush sent over to Iraq had created a bigger mess than ever, while on the home front, economic inequality, deficit spending, and civic disengagement all proceeded apace, until ultimately "the Bush administration may be creating exactly the condition that conservatives have long feared: an America without the will to fight." As for the Democrats, Beinart would love to purge from the party what he calls the "doughfaces"--borrowing a term that Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
More established acts include Tokyo Rose and Goodfellows, The Mosiacs, Coughing Daisies, Triad and The Suzerains.
Their pragmatic acceptance of local practices aside, the British suzerains were heirs to a different history with respect to sexual relations, and the laws pertaining to marriage and inheritance.
From then on the Mamluks became the overlords of the island of Cyprus, and the kings of Cyprus recognized them as their suzerains and paid them an annual tribute.
Traditional Ancient Near Eastern covenants often occurred among suzerains and their vassals.
Consequently, although the sons of Israel were under the hegemony of various foreign powers, including Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and even Rome, at various times in which the works that now comprise the Canonical Scriptures, both Hebrew and Greek, as well as the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha were being composed, our students come to us without the training that would permit them to appreciate the relationship between the Israelites or, during the Second Temple Era, the Jews, and their suzerains. Moreover, for the most part, those under whose hegemony or even suzerainty the nation(s) fell are of necessity viewed as bad.