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a state exercising a degree of dominion over a dependent state especially in its foreign affairs

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They could only be the supreme suzerain of States and territories that preserved their own institutions (Schurmann 1956: 304-389).
Eserde Wight'in uluslararasi ve suzeran (suzerain) devletler sistemi ile birincil ve ikincil devletler sistemi uzerinde duran yazar, Ingiliz Okulu'nun tarihle olan guclu baglarina dikkat cekmistir.
While analyzers are prone to having the merits of both foe mentioned strategic orientations i.e prospectors and defenders and seem to adsorb in themselves the right things from both, because they not only aim at tapping new product-market arenas in a cause to flourish, but alongside look to maintain the serene and tranquil product market arenas on which they tend to have suzerain control.
At the time of the liquidation of British Empire in 1947 two- fifth of the subcontinent was ruled by princes over whom Britain had juridically been suzerain. In the liquidation plan of third June 1947 states were expected to join India or Pakistan following the geographical position of their state as well as wishes of the people of state.
Under different empires of the time from the Achaemenid the Mughul and finally the British Afghanistan remained a monarchy though as suzerain of the great empires.
The kingdom's administrative division was therefore based on the laws of the feudal system, according to which the king, as suzerain and lord of the kingdom, granted tracts of lands to nobles as fiefs, while a considerable part remained in the king's hands and was administered by him directly as his domain.
Its participants--the suzerain states, the global corporations, the civil society--are free actors following their own view of wellness, upholding the change and the development (Frost, 2009: 85), having as only agreement to keep the anarchic and decentralized character of the international society.
Vassals fall away from their suzerain; newly opened territories are immediately formed into free States".Land, according to Herzl is, "the objective foundation of a State," while the people is its subjective one.
Though the treaty system was based upon bilateral relationships, European nations had to consider suzerain China as a concerned party in negotiations that included any historical vassal states, such as Korea.
(25) Imam Shamil's birthplace, then part of the Avar Khanate--then a tributary to the Ottoman suzerain in Istanbul--was subsumed into the Russian Empire in the Caucasian wars of the mid-19th century.
Its hidden core of arrogance has often turned it into a kind of nationalism-on-steroids that carries with it imperial swagger, the itch to crush dissent at home, and a defiant statement to the world that we're free to ignore what Jefferson called "a decent respect to the opinions of mankind." Rebranded as "Manifest Destiny," it was used to justify unnecessary invasions of Canada and Mexico, the eventual establishment of colonies in the Pacific and a period as the de facto suzerain over the weak governments of the Latin American nations of this hemisphere.
the appeal to the Suzerain, Emperor Basil, who sent a Byzantine fleet to
We have been brought up to believe that a woman should always have a suzerain, that she should be "owned" by a man, be he father, uncle, or husband.