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Synonyms for suture

a seam used in surgery

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thread of catgut or silk or wire used by surgeons to stitch tissues together

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join with a suture

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The method of age determination by studying the cranial suture closure has been more commonly used, because skull is the best preserved remains of the recovered skeleton.
Medical device company Mortise Medical reported on Tuesday the receipt of US FDA 510(k) clearance for its innovative LigaMetrics Suture Anchor System for precision in ligament and tendon surgery.
The device's curved needle improves a surgeon's ability to suture a variety of tissue layers, including flat surfaces.
Cesarean incision closure with a braided, polyglactin 910 suture (Vicryl) led to 65% more wound complications than the monofilament poliglecaprone 25 suture (Monocryl), Arin M.
Group A: Continuous suturing: Continuous suture technique with continuous locking sutures in the vagina, perineum muscles and subcutaneous sutures for skin.
AD Surgical, Suture Express, Santec Medicalprodukte GmbH, Clinisut, Coreflon, Aspen Surgical, Vigilenz Medical Devices Sdn Bhd, Medipac S.
Objective: The objective of this study was to compare 5/0 polypropylene suture with 5/0 chromic catgut in small clean pediatric facial laceration repair in terms of cosmetic outcome.
The iatrogenic cause of bile duct stone formation is mainly due to suture materials, especially silk sutures.
1 chromic catgut suture was used to puncture the uterus posterior wall vertically to the anterior wall from the right lateral border of the lower uterine segment.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Technology used nanotechnology to produce surgery suture.
A vicryl suture (polyglactin 910) has excellent handling properties and knot security, retaining 50% tensile strength at approximately 7 days with complete absorption by 42 days.
This case report describes successful pregnancy outcome following B-Lynch suture and bilateral uterine artery ligation to control bleeding from placental bed in case of placenta increta.
1996), simple continues cushing suture (SCC) pattern followed by lembert suture (Beard, 2004) and cushing suture followed by lembert suture (Radasch et al.
With an increasing interest in healthcare costs, recent studies have shown that increases in the costs of rotator cuff repair surgery are attributable, in part, to implantable devices, specifically suture anchors.