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the act of a Hindu widow willingly cremating herself on the funeral pyre of her dead husband

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What about slavery, sacrifice, suttee, corporal punishment, etc.
The popularity of this work owed not a little to its opening essay, an account of Buchanan's visit to the temple of Juggernaut at Orissa in May 1806, in which he regales the reader with salacious and lurid images of the suttee and human sacrifices.
The other four are Indian suttee, Chinese foot binding, African genital mutilation, and US gynecology.
It is fortunate that the Conquistadores took a more robust approach to Aztec human sacrifice, and the British to the Indian customs of thuggee and suttee, or we would still have widows flinging themselves (or being flung) on to their husbands' funeral pyres and no doubt be warned not to be judgemental about the customs of other faiths.
The Raj challenged enormities like caste, female infanticide, and suttee (the obligation of a widow to throw herself on her husband's funeral pyre).
This moment of comparative religion exposes how Daniel has absorbed the wider cultural assumptions about Indian suttee specifically and the fantastical exoticism of India as the land of "diamonds and gold.
Friedman Charlea Massion Steve Shapiro Valerie Suttee Elizabeth Suttee Carole Wallace Gloria N.
Allan Bloom, in his conservative book, The Closing of the American Mind (1987), legitimately attacks moral relativism with an example from Hindu suttee wife burning," but we can aspire to a more complex synthesis that admits the presence of protests within, and our sense of human rights.
pagan and martial retinue and rite: dead chief and slave and steed and the medal-symbols of his glory and the arms with which he had gained them, escorted back into the earth he came from by the lesser barons of his fiefhold and his magnificence--prince and cardinal, soldier and statesman, the heirs apparent to the kingdoms and empires and the ambassadors and personal representatives of the republics, the humble and anonymous crowd itself flowing in behind the splendid last of them, escorting, guarding, seeing him too up the avenue toward where the vast and serene and triumphal and enduring Arch crowned the crest, as though into immolation or suttee.
Accordingly, these romances accentuate local cultures and customs like Suttee (6), Thuggee (7), child-marriage and female infanticide, and as a result English rule becomes a moral duty that is associated with the suppression of "savage" customs in the name of civilization.
Therefore, one does not proactively impose on anyone else, let alone a whole community, by rescuing someone who is being proactively imposed on (even if the rest of the community chooses to work themselves into a frenzy of outrage about the 'interference' in their traditional customs of suttee, (11) slavery, or stoning, etc.
She empathizes as readily with Lieutenant Colonel Edward Ledford, a soldier in the desert, as she does with a woman following her husband onto the funeral pyre in suttee.
In the early part of the 19th century the British Raj abolished the evil practice of suttee, the evil practice of burning a widow on her husband's funeral fire.
47) This association of Maori with cannibalism is coupled with reference to a Maori woman following her husband to the grave in a ceremony reminiscent of Indian suttee (Veine, p.