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Synonyms for susurration

a low, indistinct, and often continuous sound

Synonyms for susurration

the indistinct sound of people whispering


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speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords

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All this softness of grasses is the susurration of a slight dizziness, hissing in the head.
The soundtrack is immensely detailed, from the soft crackle of burning tobacco to the susurration of a summer breeze.
I'd come here trying to forget the woman whom I'd made love with every night for three weeks in another August in another city whose once-in-a-lifetime dog-licking summer stowed the hot copper reek of coins right out of my palms But in this city I put my head down as I walked--thinking of that story about the boy who remembered everything: every swelter of ascent every susurration of fire every etymology of touch
Steele's image of angel wings seems to prefigure Quentin's perfumed reference to kimono wings, and the repetition of the line "the voice that breathed o'er Eden" certainly suggests Faulkner's allusion to this phrase as the divine susurration that affirms the "seal," the "eternal band," and the holiness of God's voice in the marriage ceremony.
Even with English translations, this card generates quite a bit of angst and susurration in the plane.
Heavily theorized commentary can be pompous, myopic, and turgid, but here one almost longs for the excitement or irritation theory can provoke, for the galvanism of new ideas and approaches, or even simply for a malcontent susurration of dissidence.
Here the assembled timepieces lived cheek by jowl, all ticking, tocking, banging, booming, tinkling, whispering, whirring and swinging their pendulums, striking when it occurred to them and setting up altogether the most wonderful susurration and serenity of sound.
The pain inflicted does not merely isolate the subject but opens the subject into a susurration of potentiality Make of me what you will, whispers pain.
When the stretch of water did not compensate for my tight quarters, or I grew tired of the tide's endless susurration, I drove two miles to Muir Woods National Monument.
Eun-su, who's in her early 30s, hosts a program featuring sounds of the natural world, and pic's early sequences where the two go to a bamboo forest to record the gentle susurration of the foliage have a delicate sensuousness that parallels their initial attraction.
lA British 1-2 in the Group 3 one-mile race at Saint-Cloud as Susurration (John Gosden/Frankie Dettori) beats Dolpour (David Elsworth/ Cash Asmussen).
It flowed visibly around sculpture, vases, and kimchi jars, stroking the larger pieces, as Jack had described; It moved through like a storm front unfolding over low hills and a wooded plain, a silent susurration.
Or is it something altogether more mercurial and harder to contain, part of a continuing conversation that is itself enveloped in the susurration of the tribe; the hum and buzz of humanity talking to itself?
The removal of his small testicle has made the world of difference to Selkirk (Ian Balding/Ray Cochrane), who beats Susurration (John Gosden/Walter Swinburn) in a Listed event at Kempton.
but a WASP susurration of assent swept through the nave of the church whenever one of the speakers formulated a particularly high-minded aphorism: "Let us value the quality of life, not the quantity.