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the act of sustaining life by food or providing a means of subsistence

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2012BAD3B03), and the Sustentation Fund (the serology of Toxoplasma gondii in Tibetan pigs) of the Huazhong Agricultural University (grant no.
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He confronts what Tamsin Lorraine, while discussing Deleuze and Derrida's respective delineations of postmodernism's sustentation of many disjointed, fractured, improbable and non-linear temporal possibilities, would call "time out of time" (5) (31).
Leaders in Central and Eastern Europe have yet to appreciate the effects of this trinity on the adoption of delegated decision-making on the development of a merit-based officer and noncommissioned officer corps and on the sustentation of Central and Eastern European military capabilities when they assess the viability of their armed forces under the shadow of Russia's new adventurism.
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12A520035), and in part by the Youth Sustentation Fund of Xinyang Normal University (No.2015-QN-043).
Therefore, the sustentation of an innovative company comes mainly from its organizational culture, since the ability to innovate rests in the skills and attitudes of the workers (KNOX, 2002).
Vaughan wanted his priests to have 'the freest and fullest discussion' of the situation before reaching a decision, but he probably did not expect to achieve the amazing coup of each priest agreeing to reveal his annual income so that a more precise scale could be determined to provide the Archbishops' Sustentation Fund with the required 1,500 [pounds sterling] per annum.
Il se produit << comme une sustentation de notre etre moral.>> Il y a donc un << tonus moral.>> Ce qu'on appelle la << conscience morale.>> Le milieu social dans lequel nous vivons est peuple de forces: en plus des << forces a l'etat libre >>, il en est qui viennent des techniques et des traditions, par exemple la langue, les droits, les connaissances transmises de generation en generation.
Even with the possibility of sustentation on dialysis, a transplant offers large improvements in the duration and quality of life.