sustaining program

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a program without a commercial sponsor

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After an overview of the initiative, a group of education, child development, and literacy scholars and practitioners from the US discuss promoting oral language and phonemic awareness, conducting read-alouds, setting up effective classroom environments, meeting the needs of English language learners, providing effective preschool coaching, understanding the family component, using assessment to plan instruction, and helping students transition to kindergarten, as well as evaluating and sustaining programs and two case studies of ERF projects.
To establish and maintain a firm commitment to developing and sustaining programs which expand and unite the remodeling industry;
For the past decades, VA SCI care has focused primarily on acute and sustaining programs.
NARI is committed to developing and sustaining programs that expand and unite the industry while ensuring its growth and security.
Its Corona facility personnel continue to support new and sustaining programs in manufacturing, test and engineering.
Bristol-Myers Squibb's SECURE THE FUTURE programs have included the training of home health care workers to bring life sustaining programs into rural communities.
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