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a pedal on a piano that lifts the dampers from the strings and so allows them to continue vibrating

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The blurring of harmony which occurs when the sustaining pedal is kept down, often designated as 'open pedal', is an alien sound to modern ears, but to judge from contemporary pedalling indications this was a much desired effect.
To realise the essential character of the compositions, however, pianists must restrain their use of the sustaining pedal and dynamic accents and be careful in interpreting the ornaments which were substitutes for accentuation on instruments incapable of it.
symbol omitted] Pizzicato with sustaining pedal down.
Piano cadenzas lost some clarity with over-use of sustaining pedal as much of the overall effect was fortissimo with little let-up in this curiously resonant space.
Later, the sustaining pedal of the piano often took over this harmonic function.
It can be argued that the sustaining pedal is the one feature that has given the piano its most characteristic music.
There were some spectacular colourings from the sustaining pedal and some well-judged pauses and resumptions in this reading which convincingly combined assertiveness with fleetness.
Two years ago I saw Kempf inflicting grievous bodily harm on the Pathetique and Moonlight sonatas - performances of much sound, fury and sustaining pedal, but little significance.
Here, simple and gorgeously atmospheric textures, and wonderful use of the sustaining pedal, showed just how beguiling and sensuous some contemporary music can be.
Passage-work was occasionally hazy, and Lucchesini left his foot on the sustaining pedal at the end of the first movement's brisk ending, but his interpretation impressed as being one long sustained thought-process, the poetry emerging as incidental detail.
Technically conscientious, soloist Fali Pavri also caught the pastel shading of this wonderful sound-world, reminding us too that this is the first concerto really to exploit the colour-possibilities supplied by the sustaining pedal.
Overuse of the sustaining pedal was worrying, particularly when groups of neat semiquavers were obscured in his finely articulated right hand.
Unfortunately, her over-use of the sustaining pedal obscured many of the finer points of this long, complex work.
Debussy's Estampes made a gentler interlude, Donohoe testing the Steinway's sustaining pedal with spectacular success.
Her disciplined, indeed austere use of the sustaining pedal in her Bach explorations here brings a new slant in these readings of the complete piano works of the nostalgically classicist French composer.
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