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  • verb

Synonyms for sustain

keep alive




Synonyms for sustain

to keep in a condition of good repair, efficiency, or use

to hold up

to keep from yielding or failing during stress or difficulty

Synonyms for sustain

lengthen or extend in duration or space

provide with nourishment

supply with necessities and support

admit as valid

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All-in costs" include these "all in sustaining costs" plus: community costs not related to current operations; permitting costs not related to current operations; reclamation and remediation costs not related to current operations; and non-sustaining exploration and study costs, capital exploration, capitalized stripping and underground mine development, and capital expenditure.
ONS Sustaining Member: OncoMed: The Oncology Pharmacy--Booth 119
A prominent role of personal connections for building and sustaining the community is a clear conclusion from this study when responses are pooled from both new and persistent Editorial Board members.
What was merely innovative yesterday becomes sustaining today.
ONS Sustaining Member: Bard Access Systems--Booth 821
Hundreds of companies in the pulp, paper, and converting industry rely on their TAPPI Sustaining Membership for technical information, education, and industry recognition.
ONS Lifetime Sustaining Member: MD Anderson Cancer Center--Booth 628
Demonstrating and sustaining regulatory compliance through ongoing monitoring of your IT infrastructure -- even in the midst of high growth and company expansion
It reduces minor fatigue caused by stress, overwork, or lack of sleep, while boosting energy and sustaining strength without artificial stimulants.
Today forward-thinking organizations recognize that they must focus on sustaining compliance beyond the requirements for Section 404," said Theresa Clark, DecisionPoint Software vice-president of Finance Transformation.
Achieving & Sustaining Pharmaceutical Brand Leadership," a new study by pharmaceutical research firm Best Practices, LLC, reveals success factors that propelled pharmaceutical products to best-in-class status.
All of these, we believe, will contribute to sustaining and accelerating the consistent growth we've experienced for over four years.
Our applications are already sustaining 25 percent of peak performance on average, and we expect this to improve.
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