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Geoffrey said to himself, observing Hester suspiciously as she passed him in the passage on her way up stairs to take off her bonnet in her own room.
Sniffing suspiciously, he circled the edge of the pit.
Great ears were thrown forward, and a long, supple trunk rose quickly to wave to and fro in search of the scent of an enemy, while two weak, little eyes peered suspiciously and futilely about in quest of the author of the noise which had disturbed his peaceful way.
He was a thin man, with a mean and crafty face, and a greenish-yellow complexion; and he crossed the room very slowly, looking suspiciously about him as if be thought there might be a savage dog hidden somewhere.
She looked suspiciously at her sister; Maria's countenance was to decide it: if she were vexed and alarmed--but Maria looked all serenity and satisfaction, and Julia well knew that on this ground Maria could not be happy but at her expense.
A statement on GMP Trafford South's Facebook page on Monday morning said: "Around 0130 hours (5/3/2018) four males (of which some are well-known to the police) were sighted by officers acting suspiciously around Wood Lane, Timperley.
029 2039 7933 HOT MUSIC Suspiciously Elvis Over the past decade, Suspiciously Elvis has become one of the most successful revue's to the King in the world.
A Northumbria Police spokesman said: "Enquiries into the incident are ongoing but police are now appealing for anyone who may have seen a man acting suspiciously in the area on Friday night to get in touch.
The Scottish Tories were suspiciously quiet on the issue of Scottish emergency services having to pay VAT - until they got the memo from No10.
Investigations are ongoing and officers want to hear from anyone who spotted anything or anyone acting suspiciously in the area.
They were seen acting suspiciously, driving around the area between 3pm-6pm on Saturday, a spokesperson for the force said.
An alert market guard prevented what could have been a bloody Monday dawn when he confronted three men suspiciously leaving a bag at a public market in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat.
A simulated scenario saw a vessel detected interacting suspiciously with an unregistered fishing boat.
A MAN spotted acting suspiciously on a beach may have been exposing himself, police say.
PARENTS have been warned after a van driver was seen acting suspiciously around children in Huddersfield.