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Synonyms for suspicion

Synonyms for suspicion

intuitive cognition

lack of trust

a subtle quality underlying or felt to underlie a situation, action, or person

Synonyms for suspicion

an impression that something might be the case

the state of being suspected

being of a suspicious nature

References in classic literature ?
The expression of suspicion began to show itself again in his face.
His first suspicion that Anne had been privately instructed by Mrs.
Ye'll no' mind," he added, suddenly returning to business, "writin' me joost a line--in the way o' receipt, ye ken--to clear me o' ony future suspicion in the matter o' the letter?"
"And that was just what confirmed my suspicion that it was not.
Monsieur Lawrence did not know at all what I meant; but, on reflection, he came to the conclusion that if he could find an extra coffee-cup anywhere his lady love would be cleared of suspicion. And he was perfectly right."
Troy's suspicions took a different direction: they pointed along the line of streets which led to Old Sharon's lodgings.
'I hope you do not object, sir, to my having stated in public, emphatically, that he will reappear here, whenever any new suspicion may be awakened, or any new circumstance may come to light in this extraordinary matter?'
As to his opportunities of casting them into the river; if he were the object of these suspicions, they were easy.
It was plain enough; the unfortunate girl had fallen under Sergeant Cuff's suspicions, in spite of all I could do to prevent it.
It was plain that Sergeant Cuff's suspicions of Rosanna had been roused by something that he had found out at his examination of the servants in my room.
My suspicion in answering that question pointed straight to a woman.
Is there nothing to justify suspicion in such circumstances as these--circumstances sworn to on the oaths of the witnesses?
The suspicion which those words implied had never occurred to my mind.
In the pursuit of this inquiry there had arisen in his mind a monstrous suspicion, which pointed to Mrs.
Brown's death--and he was as far from confirming his suspicions of Mrs.