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Synonyms for ligament

that which unites or binds

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a sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages or supporting muscles or organs

any connection or unifying bond

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The wall and contents of the carpal canal (deep digital flexor tendon, superficial digital flexor tendon, accessory ligament of the superficial digital flexor tendon, flexor retinaculum, palmar carpal ligament), the proximal attachment of the suspensory ligament and the carpal joint ligaments were shown in our results were in a line with that mentioned in horse (Konig et al.).
The 10-year-old gelding, who became the oldest horse to win a Group One race when landing the Credit Suisse Private Banking Pokal at Cologne in August, has injured the suspensory ligament just below the knee on his left foreleg ``He ran a great race but for the first time in his life he`s come out of it lame.
The huge French bred horse - who stands 18 hands high - damaged a suspensory ligament competing in Europe last summer and came back to form with an International Trail win at Patchetts in Hertfordshire last month.
Top Cees, trained by Ian Balding was taken to the Leahurst Veterinary Hospital for treatment with the racecourse vet reporting that the gelding had damaged his left-fore suspensory ligament.
The statement from Mullins confirming the champ was suffering a suspensory ligament injury has robbed the public of seeing the next potential Istabraq or Hurricane Fly.
In the metacarpal region, a strong palmar fascia protects the palmar structures, fusing on the lateral aspect with the origin of the interosseous muscles III & IV (IM) (called improperly, and referred to on occasion as the suspensory ligament).
The grey that got the Wylies involved in a big way with racing strained a suspensory ligament and will now spend the rest of his life at the owners' home at Chollerford.
It was no more than Kayf Tara deserved after the Sadler's Wells entire had looked as if he might never race again following a suspensory ligament injury sustained on the eve of last year's Melbourne Cup.
It was nothing serious, not like the suspensory ligament on his near-fore leg which he injured at Haydock in 1996, but enough to stop him running in this year's National, which was due to be his last race anyway.
THE sesamoid bone sits at the back of the fetlock joint and anchors the suspensory ligament, thus allowing a horse's foot and fetlock to move properly.
But a shellshocked Mullins reported yesterday: "We had given him a nice easy time after Leopardstown and since we started back there was a little bit of soreness in his suspensory ligament.
Owner Paul Duffy said: "He's got a suspensory ligament problem as I understand it from Nick.
Suspensory ligament of equine metacarpus/metatarsus falangeal joint: evolutive anatomical, histophysiological aspects and pathologies
Chris Richardson, managing director of owners Cheveley Park Stud, said: "It wasn't until 7pm on Wednesday that I had a chat with Sir Michael (Stoute) and his vet and, basically, she has a strain on her off-fore suspensory ligament.