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a bandage of elastic fabric applied to uplift a dependant part (as the scrotum or a pendulous breast)

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"Basically, there is enough scar tissue in the suspensory ligament to feel it won't stand hard training," Thomson said yesterday.
Smith et al on a study on canine models has shown that the suspensory graft fixation had a better result in terms of ligamentization compared to interference screw (12).
"He's been off the track because he knocked a suspensory, but he's been back in a long time and is ready to run and hopefully run well.
Suspensory ligament of equine metacarpus/metatarsus falangeal joint: evolutive anatomical, histophysiological aspects and pathologies
He said: "Unfortunately, Sense Of Joy has been retired due to what is, basically, a suspensory problem.
(p=0.02, Unpaired T test) This indicates that the chance of residual laxity and slippage is more in suspensory fixation modality.
Thirteen articles present information on diagnosis and management of superficial digital flexor tendonitis and paratendonitis, diagnosis and management of proximal suspensory desmitis, a system for monitoring of training and disease of thoroughbreds in the UK, diagnosis of ostearthritis and traumatic joint disease, and the application of human athlete medicine to sports horses.
LOUIS -- Recognition of the importance of the suspensory axis of the vagina is necessary for a successful pelvic support surgery, according to Carl W.
'The latest problem he had was a high suspensory which sawhim off the track for almost two years.
Eamonn Sheehy said: "He did a suspensory ligament two years ago and it looks as if he's done it again."
The dual Gold Cup winner has a recurrence of the suspensory injury that forced him out of last year's Melbourne Cup.
It was no more than Kayf Tara deserved after the Sadler's Wells entire had looked as if he might never race again following a suspensory ligament injury sustained on the eve of last year's Melbourne Cup.
The suspensory ligaments and tendons of the ossicles can degenerate as a result of chronic otitis media, and they can subsequently calcify and ossify.
THE sesamoid bone sits at the back of the fetlock joint and anchors the suspensory ligament, thus allowing a horse's foot and fetlock to move properly.