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a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise

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The histological studies indicated differentiation of the pro-embryos at the end of the induction phase, consisting in an increase of mitotic division at suspensor level and the embryogenic pole; at the end of this phase took place the development of a spherical multicellular callus mass covered by a unilayered protoderm.
In few locations suspensors are used to sustain any jerk and to incorporate the variation of link.
ESTRUTURAS AVALIADAS (1) tendao flexor digital superficial (TFDS), (2) tendao flexor digital profundo (TFDP), (3) tendao extensor digital comum (TEDC), (4) ligamento anular palmar (LAP), (5) ligamento suspensor do boleto--ramo medial (LSUS RM), (6) ligamento suspensor do boleto--ramo lateral (LSUS RL), (7) capsula articular (CA), (8) plica dorsal da capsula (Vilo), (9) ligamento sesamoideo reto (LSES-R), (10) ligamento sesamoideo obliquo medial (LSES-OM), (11) ligamento sesamoideo obliquo lateral (LSES-OL), (12) ligamento colateral medial (LCOL-M), (13) ligamento colateral lateral (LCOL-L), (14) bainha flexora (BFSD).
Los embriones se apreciaron inicialmente como una masa o agregado proembrionico (figura 1K), a partir del cual se diferenciaron embriones somaticos, que se observaron principalmente en etapa alargado y torpedo (figura 1L) con un suspensor en la base.
The embryos together with the suspensor were carefully dissected from the female gametophyte (megagametophyte) and fixed in a mixture of 50% ethanol, acetic acid and formaldehyde in the ratio of 9:1:1 by volume.
Las imagenes que hemos obtenido en el MEB nos muestran que el canto fue utilizado como colgante o suspendido, ya que los bordes de la perforacion se hallan completamente pulidos como consecuencia del roce con el material suspensor. Resulta verosimil la hipotesis de que la pieza fuera un util suspendido, y no un colgante.
The story and the calibre of the players results in a serious, slow-burning suspensor, while the game itself is neatly elucidated without being too simplistic.
An early stage somatic embryo with a single basal cell at the suspensor is shown in Fig.
The gonad consists of many blind-ending tubules that are united at the anterior end in a fleshy, saddle-shaped gonad basis in the dorsal suspensor mesentery of the gut.
Durante la fase de proembrion ocurre la primera division del cigoto, que incluye la formacion del suspensor y de la primera celula del embrion propiamente dicho.