suspension point

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(usually plural) one of a series of points indicating that something has been omitted or that the sentence is incomplete

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The sleeves expand radially, forcing the PMAs to contract axially, pulling on the lines attached to its suspension point.
All level 2 breaches carry an imposition of a fine between 50 per cent to 100 per cent of the applicable match fee and/or up to two suspension points, and three or four demerit points.
s] of the strip of alienation and TL characteristics--its current (I) loading and designs (profile) of its pillars, namely the average height h of wires suspension points and mean square distance [d.
I considered the different standards of proof pertaining to charges at different levels under the Code, and with a level 3 charge the penalty could be four to eight suspension points or 2 to 4 Test matches.
Wilson is at her best when engaged in close readings of these texts which have rarely, if ever, undergone such analysis, teasing out such stylistic features as Rouy's exclamations, suspension points, interrogatives, and italics; Esquiron's future tense and "Si .
Andrianjafitrimo won her title when Malenko dashed off to Dubai International Airport, which will see the Ukrainian lose the 30 ranking points she would have earned as runner-up, along with an additional four suspension points against her name.
He was charged under Level 2 offence in which the minimum punishment is 50-100 per cent of player's match fee and/or two suspension points, which translates as a suspension of one test, two ODIs or two Twenty20s.
2 and Appendix 2 of the ICC Code of Conduct (the "Code"), which deals with serious over rate offences, the captain receives two suspension points while the players are fined 10% of their match fees for each of the first two overs short and 20% for every additional over their side fails to bowl in the allotted time.
8, 2010, made recommendations to prevent similar deaths and noted "critical information sharing failures" between clinical and front-line staff as well as "issues related to unprotected suspension points.
The rear seats fold flat to extend the load area but the rear axle and suspension points cut down on useful space.
In a hearing straight after the close, match referee Ranjan Madugalle imposed two suspension points on the all-rounder, equating to two T20 matches for his country.
The roof was erected, much as Roman vaults were, by means of false towers; and when completed, sockets of the lower panel were cleaned out and converted into suspension points, each having a capacity of 12 tonnes.
It also flushes out contaminants such as salt and water that enter steering and suspension points, especially during the snowplowing season.
6 of the Code, have now been converted into two suspension points.
LEVEL 2 breaches carry a fine of between 50-100 per cent of applicable Match Fee and/ or up to two Suspension Points.
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