suspension bridge

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a bridge that has a roadway supported by cables that are anchored at both ends

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The essential pails of a suspension bridge include the towers at each end of the bridge over which cables are carried on saddles.
The project has a unique geographical position as this suspension bridge was constructed above a natural khour along the Sea of Oman.
When I came to Bristol to visit, we'd often sit by the Clifton Suspension Bridge - this was one of her favourite places - and talk about everything best friends do," she said in a statement issued by Avon and Somerset Police.
Bridge has the longest central span of any suspension bridge, at 1,991 metres (6,532 ft).
The mega-project will include the world's second-longest suspension bridge built over the Gulf of Izmit.
It all started off as a bit of a flippant drunken dare at the Clifton Suspension Bridge and everything just snowballed on from there," the Sun quoted Wright as saying.
trials, errors, and accidents related to suspension bridges.
In case of single-pylon suspension bridge, we have two spans, which are carried by the main cable.
Besides reducing distance between Al Aijah and Khor Bath, and Sur and Al Aijah, the new suspension bridge will also serve Ras Al Hadd and Ras Al Jinz areas.
Clifton Suspension Bridge (A4) - designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge opened in 1864.
The Brooklyn Bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan was the largest suspension bridge in the world upon completion in 1883.
The suspension bridge may well be one of the oldest forms of bridges in the world, but the railway bridge shown in the photo isn't a suspension bridge, but a trussed girder bridge.
Measured risk activities were crossing a suspension bridge without holding the safety handrails and entering exits of tube chutes that had posted pictorial and print warning signs.
Exquisitely photographed by Wilfried Dechau and beautifully produced by publisher Ernst Wasmuth, Traversinersteg is an account of the making of a timber suspension bridge in April to August 2005 by the Swiss engineer Jurg Conzett across the Traversiner Gorge, Switzerland.
The house sits on what is rather grandly called an island - a rock might be closer to the truth - and can only be reached via its own suspension bridge.