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Synonyms for suspenseful


Synonyms for suspenseful

(of a situation) characterized by or causing suspense

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One of the first rules I absorbed was "Don't bore the reader." Another was "Take the reader suspensefully to the end." If I'm bored or don't care who lives or dies, I won't finish the book.
And he suspensefully narrates cat-and-mouse duels in the Caribbean between Soviet submarines and US forces imposing JFKAAEs AoquarantineAo on the island.
It consists suspensefully of a single sentence toward whose climactic resolution the mind races.
When the Martian spacecraft suspensefully opened, the sound of the metal hatch rotating over a hollow, mysterious interior heightened the ensuing horror when what emerged was described.
Eroticism and romantic adventure in an exciting setting combine suspensefully. In a broad outline, the plot narrates the tale of a rootless and reclusive male protagonist, Heyst, who rescues a young woman, Lena, from a touring female orchestra, its maestro Zangiacomo, and the molestations of a gross hotel keeper, Schomberg.
Yet Dik was too much of a craftsman either to let moralizing subsume the narrative tension essential to a good tale, or to disregard the techniques necessary for spinning it as suspensefully as possible.
He can now decide to go or not to go--or keep the war banners flying suspensefully for many months past the 2002 elections, right up to the eve of his own re-election try in 2004.
In such revelatory if transient, always ambivalent compromise between the demands of solitude and society, a black-white contrast may no longer be required: a suspensefully irresolute, erect white "leaf" of an open book may be observed in a lighted room.
A debate about Arlt and Borges is just one of many regarding various literary figures, and Piglia dazzles the reader with several unexpected pairings, including the retelling of a meeting between Hitler and Kafka described suspensefully through the eye of an investigator who patiently pieces together the clues.
At the beginning of each chapter, Taylor interjects into his narrative an important fact about the history of the making and dropping of the bomb, so that the entire novel is suspensefully set in the context of this timeline of information.
But if you apply the crime doesn't pay (or at least not until you get out and retrieve the loot) message, then this suspensefully reconstructed trilogy of true tales could as easily have been Hollywood drama.
In the opening pages, for example, flashback suspensefully recreates in the mind of a little girl the story of the family's escape by train, mule and horsecart from occupied territory to free Chungking at the same time the mature adult narrator enriches the story with references to Chinese literary classics like The Pilgrimage to the West.