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Synonyms for suspenseful


Synonyms for suspenseful

(of a situation) characterized by or causing suspense

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Although documentation of the French Resistance movement exists only in fragments, Purnell ably draws on a variety of sources to create a suspenseful, heartbreaking and ultimately triumphant tale of heroism and sacrifice.
Entertaining, suspenseful, and at times cliche, Lost Girl makes for a haunting tale of magic, mystery, and murder.--Richard Vigdor.
Bunzel has written a wonderfully balanced suspenseful thriller with humor and danger, love and friendship, death and healing.
Larson chronicles the suspenseful journey of charismatic psychopathic killer Dr.
For many Americans, the finale of the space shuttle program is poignant and yet somewhat suspenseful. What comes next?
This suspenseful fantasy is by an Edgar Award-winning author, and its story of doom and romance will appeal to YAs who like the dramatic.
A suspenseful, dramatic read that takes the reader behind the scenes of domestic abuse counseling, Cruelty by Design captivates and at times horrifies with its gritty insights into the dark flaws of human nature.
Taut and suspenseful, with strong support from Cillian Murphy (right, with McAdams) and Brian Cox.
A poignant, suspenseful memoir about the author's search for his suicidal twin brother, who in his late 20s mysteriously disappeared from Manhattan.
Prisoners Under Glass is a suspenseful young adult fantasy novel about Rachel, a girl who experiences disaster after a Venice vacation with her parents.
Expertly co-authored by Dale Bailey and Jack Slay, Jr., Sleeping Policemen is a true science-fiction thriller depicting the suspenseful adventure of Nick Laymon.
Tragedy was similarly averted at a less tony venue when an ardent Pittsburgh Steelers fan had a myocardial infarction while watching a suspenseful game in a bar.
The author's delightfully rhythmic, striking prose and authentic voice create a suspenseful storytelling masterpiece that snatches its readers into an unpredictable and violent world.
It was so vivid, suspenseful, and heartfelt that I couldn't put it down.