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Synonyms for suspense

Words related to suspense

apprehension about what is going to happen

an uncertain cognitive state

excited anticipation of an approaching climax

References in classic literature ?
"My mind is lost and co nfused, gentlemen, in this dreadful suspense. Can you either of you guess why the signature is wanted?
The next four-and-twenty hours, at most, will end your suspense. If Nature makes no effort in that time -- I grieve to say it -- you must prepare yourself for the worst."
I am sure, my dear sister, you will excuse my remaining silent so long, and agree with me that such circumstances, while they continue from any cause in suspense, cannot be too cautiously concealed.
She knew how to hit to a hair's-breadth that moment of evening when the light and the darkness are so evenly balanced that the constraint of day and the suspense of night neutralize each other, leaving absolute mental liberty.
Under this same cloak he assailed Africa, he came down on Italy, he has finally attacked France; and thus his achievements and designs have always been great, and have kept the minds of his people in suspense and admiration and occupied with the issue of them.
"Some listed firms declared monies held in suspense accounts as part of their profits and this is a big shame since they are lying to shareholders as their accounts are in the red.
The movie is a collection of exciting genres laced with adventure, suspense, action, thrill, and eternal love with a plot that revolves around a couple that gets embroiled in an unfortunate incident only to find itself caught in even more danger when they reach out for help.
After a brief introduction to the features of crime fiction in Chapter 1, particularly suspense, Chapter 2 centers on two key concepts: "manipulated context" and "frame." Manipulated context (MC) is a context constructed by the offender narrator by using devices such as retrospection and prospection to disturb the coherence of the narrative.
The Suspense Show is a revival of a classic golden age of radio anthology series that ran from 1942 to 1962.
Having first outlined a novel philosophical conception of suspense, Seland then demonstrates that it is a central feature of the concept of faith that Danish religious philosopher S|ren Kierkegaard (1813-55) describes in his Frygt og Baven, but also a central features of rhetoric he uses to describe that faith.
Vortex is a very well written suspense with a near fatal plotline flaw.
He was the first who added humour to the suspense writings.
Critique: A deftly crafted work of absorbing suspense from first page to last, "Chimera Murders" is a compelling and thoroughly entertaining read that will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to community library Mystery/Suspense collections.