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rice (with raw fish) wrapped in seaweed

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Speciality: Known to be more as a place for authentic Asian cuisine, Sakura Sushi, as the name suggests, has lots on offer when it comes to sushi and other Japanese delicacies.
Be it the prawn wasabi, that is the crispy prawns served with Japanese wasabi and pineapple mango salsa, Harumaki or Japanese vegetable spring roll with sweet chilli sauce, and the Sushi combos, the many-layered flavours of each dish is different.
Speciality: Chez Sushi has some very special sushi for sushi lovers.
Sushi is finger food, and means something which is served in bite-sized chunks - the raw fish is called sashimi - and demand is so great now that as well as restaurants introducing it on their menus, you can nip into high street stores and grab some instead of a sandwich.
Sushi restaurant Fusion, in Glasgow's West End, was opened six months ago after businessman Stephen Ellis had been bitten by the Sushi bug in California.
He's employed master sushi chef, Mr Yamashita, who owns his own restaurant in Tokyo, to introduce its delights.
They're training up younger chefs, and Mark said: "There's no such thing as a sushi school of training, a lot comes from experience of working with chefs such as Mr Yamashita, who can take a whole fish and in minutes slice it with the proper cuts so thatyou could take one of his sashimi (rectangular cuts of fish) and it would be the same size and weight as the next."
'When you work in a sushi bar, you always end up having a lot of off-cuts of fish.
'I look at sushi like one would look at art-simple but unique.
Ironically, though, the chef who has created over 50 original sushi specialties graduated as a computer technician from AMA Computer Learning Center.
He has since garnered over 10 years of experience as a sushi chef in top international chains like the St.
How did you have a hand in the restaurant design of Sushi Sho Honolulu?
Most sushi counters are built in a u-shape and attached to the wall.
I want to make Edomae style sushi. When you go to a Japanese sushi bar, it's sometimes uptight.
We keep the fish in the fridge while fermenting and then we mold the fermented fish into sushi. Moi in aka shari koji comes out like aged konoshiro or shime saba.