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Synonyms for survivor

one who lives through affliction

one who outlives another

an animal that survives in spite of adversity

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While construction on the center nears completion, nurse navigators are seeing patients and have already conducted more than 600 face-to-face meetings, more than 250 Survivorship Care Plans, completed nearly 3,000 referrals to social workers, held more than 30 gynecology and breast cancer support group meetings and nine caregiver support group meetings.
"Pinadala kagabi sa akin ng Pangulo, nasa akin na 'yong sulat niya, vineveto niya 'yong survivorship benefit bill.
Those who are not required to report for Apir are permanent total disability pensioners; pensioners who are at least 80 years old; legal guardians who are not survivorship pensioners of incapacitated or dependent children; and old-age pensioners who are active GSIS members at the same time.
Since 2006, the benefit has funded the Living in the Future (or "LIFE") Cancer Survivorship Program, including sponsorship of the Myra Rubenstein Weis Cancer Survivorship Seminars.
In 2013, the 100-year survivorship rate jumped to 1,971 per 100,000.
The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson will use a novel platform to delivery survivorship care plans.
In "Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools--We'll Get you Through This: Tools for Cancer's Emotional Pain From a Melanoma and Breast Cancer Survivor" she draws upon her personal experience and hard won expertise to create an invaluable, informative, and comforting instructional guide that should be considered a "must read" for anyone who is having to deal with cancer in themselves or with a friend or family member.
A Guide to Survivorship for Women Who Have Ovarian Cancer, 2nd Edition
MatchUp includes a new Golden Record Selection and Survivorship tool used used to collapse the duplicate records into a single record for loading into the Data Warehouse.
Now bosses at the Freeman have appointed a Prostate Cancer UK survivorship nurse specialist.
There are so many books on cancer management and experience on today's market that it's unusual to see one that holds something different on the subject; but Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools comes from the writings of a two-time cancer survivor whose intent is to use her experience to provide tools for recovery from cancer's emotional pain (she is a survivor of breast cancer and melanoma), and it focuses on the emotional needs of patients and their caregivers.
Enter survivorship FIUL: a powerful combination of survivorship life insurance, also referred to as second-to-die life insurance, and the accumulation potential of FIUL.
There is also a lack of consensus surrounding the definition of "cancer survivorship," a term often used in tandem with "cancer survivor." Though authors of recent reviews have provided excellent summaries on key concepts related to cancer survivors and cancer survivorship (3,4), they have not clearly proposed updated definitions of cancer survivor and cancer survivorship based on the literature.
(1-3) Cancer survivorship is generally felt to begin when primary treatment ends and survivorship continues until disease recurrence, second malignancy or death.
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