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Synonyms for surprisingness

extraordinariness by virtue of being unexpected

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1]: Arousal is a function of the surprisingness of consumption.
structural complexity, novelty, incongruity, or surprisingness," in
Impressive familiarity with earlier seventeenth-century poetry allows Professor Thormahlen on many occasions to cite just the right parallel to point up the originality or surprisingness of Rochester's verse.
In a similar way, Ouologuem's people, the Dogon of southern Mali, associate the fluidity, surprisingness, and wonder of language with a pluralistic, polytheistic cosmos: "The Dogon term for symbol is aduno so, 'the word of the world'; for myth, it is so tanie, 'amazing word'; and for the whole mythology that is their sacred history, aduno so tanie.
The novelty of a text depends on the amount of background knowledge a reader possesses, while the surprisingness of a text depends on the degree of unexpectedness.