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taken unawares or suddenly and feeling wonder or astonishment

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"You must be surprised, very much surprised-- so lately as Mr.
The shot had brought Jane Porter and the others from the cabin, and a moment after the excitement had died down she greeted the surprised Lord Tennington.
"A fortnight!" she repeated, surprised at his being so long in the same county with Elinor without seeing her before.
This unkind action much surprised poor Ardalion Alexandrovitch, the victim, as he called himself, of an "unbounded trust in the nobility of the human heart."
Varia, who used to be always correcting him, never spoke to him now on the subject of his frequent absences, and the whole household was surprised to see Gania, in spite of his depression, on quite friendly terms with his brother.
But the Princess's affection for the Crab, and the polite attention with which she behaved to him, surprised the royal family very much.
But her father was much surprised that she did not seem to care about any of the Princes; he therefore appointed a second tournament.
George looked a surprised inquiry, but said nothing.
Later in the show, she said both she and Padilla were surprised about getting pregnant again.
It is not the first time that Sheikh surprised employees in an attempt to keep work ethics on par with the best.
I WASN'T surprised to see Russian maniacs on steroids carrying out co-ordinated violence to prove their love for the Motherland.
This occurs because, when one is surprised by a situation that is not expected, it takes more time to process and understand the new information, causing adaptation to not take place so rapidly.
The students surprised Simpler by throwing him a surprise birthday party and presenting him with a beautiful birthday cake.
As Umm Fuad, in her 40s, and her husband went to her father's home to present their wishes on Eid and offer the car key, the father surprised them by telling them he was offering them a plot of land in appreciation of their gesture.