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Following the example of the Pitt-Rivers Museum and the Palace of Westminster and in a return to visual, artistic, emotional and sacramental religion, proper spaces were created for font, altar, surpliced choir, and ornaments in what was believed to be medieval style, which with the coming of Empire spread all over the world.
It is interesting to read that the church was the first in England to have a surpliced choir - but I wonder if they still have a choir
214, reported a `Memorial Service for fallen soldiers in the Albert Street Methodist Church last Tuesday evening' with a fully surpliced choir.
Here and in Appendix I, "Trends in Disputed Practices 1869-1884," Reed discusses the political meaning and doctrinal significance of each ritual practice, from surpliced choirs and weekly communion to altar candles and the eastward position, at a given time in the movement's history, determining whether it was a mark of extreme ritualism, moderate Anglo-Catholicism, or so widely accepted as not to serve as a mark of party at all.