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Synonyms for surmount



Synonyms for surmount

to win a victory over, as in battle or a competition

to pass by or over safely or successfully

Synonyms for surmount

References in classic literature ?
When we had surmounted the acclivity, I was about to withdraw my arm from his, but by a slight tightening of the elbow was tacitly informed that such was not his will, and accordingly desisted.
Suppose the difficulties of agreeing upon a rule surmounted, and the apportionment made.
"Doubtless," thought I, "she is some stiff old maid; for though the daughter of Madame Reuter, she may well number upwards of forty winters; besides, if it were otherwise, if she be both young and pretty, I am not handsome, and no dressing can make me so, therefore I'll go as I am." And off I started, cursorily glancing sideways as I passed the toilet-table, surmounted by a looking-glass: a thin irregular face I saw, with sunk, dark eyes under a large, square forehead, complexion destitute of bloom or attraction; something young, but not youthful, no object to win a lady's love, no butt for the shafts of Cupid.
He further said that the government's legislation in this respect was also ready to enable the persons with disabilities to surmount all barriers.
Noman Ahmed discussed the reasons that have triggered Karachi's water supply challenges and what is required to surmount them.
The major focus of a nation must be education and social awareness to surmount any mental illness.
If we surmount the milestone of development then we will have to remember the sacrifices of our forefathers and will have to follow their footsteps, he asserted.
However in order to surmount the political crisis we first need to surmount the judicial crisis", stated Kadriu.
The early parliamentary elections will help surmount the political crisis only if elections unblock the integrations of the Republic of Macedonia, commented President Gjorge Ivanov in his address on the solemn reception of representatives at the autumn session of OSCE's Parliamentary Assembly held in the Museum of Macedonian Struggle.
Gauri Group has chosen Surmount Energy for the High Rise Consulting certification facilitation for one of its project Gauri Excellency.
BuildTrack(Trade Mark) is a brand of automation and surveillance solutions offered by Surmount Energy Solutions that are designed to meet the safety, security, comfort or convenience needs in a broad range of residential, commercial or retail facilities and buildings.
7 -- (BNA) South Korean President Lee Myung-bak called today for synergy and cooperartion between the government and private sectors in his country so as to surmount the global fiscal crunch.
But American co-operation is vital if the world is to surmount the challenge posed by climate change.
is give them hurdles to surmount. In the process of surmounting these hurdles, they learn to think and work creatively."--Bessie Schonberg, quoted in the August 1962 issue of Dance Magazine, when she was entering her 25th year at Sarah Lawrence College.
Global Banking News-24 May 2010-China and US to help Europe surmount crisis(C)2010 ENPublishing -