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The Children's Act [1] provides that a 12-year-old child, who is 'of sufficient maturity and has the mental capacity to understand the benefits, risks and social and other implications of the surgical operation', may consent to a surgical operation if assisted by their parent or guardian (section 129(3)).
Surgical operation was done in the interest of our country and not in the interest of Bhartiya Janata Party.
Islamabad An unspecified number of suspects have been rounded up in Karachi after the paramilitary Rangers force and the police launched overnight a "surgical operation" in different disturbed areas to quell a wave of violence in Pakistan's biggest city.
Briefing the media following the cabinet meeting, Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon announced that the government's 'surgical operation' in the city would not discriminate based on political affiliation.
1846: The first public surgical operation using ether as an anaesthetic was performed at Massachusetts General Hospital Boston.
In terms of the Children's Act, a parent or guardian of a child may not: (i) refuse to assist a child who consents to a surgical procedure, or (ii) withhold consent for medical treatment or a surgical operation solely on the grounds of religious or other beliefs--unless such parent or guardian can show that there is a medically accepted alternative to the medical treatment or surgical operation concerned.
This new method depends on a simple surgical operation that many patients have tried and the surgery has proven its effectiveness.
"The matter was dealt with by a surgical operation which was a complete success."
The opening chapters of this practical nursing guide outline patient care during pre-operative assessment, the surgical operation, and post-operative recovery.
From a standard yield of 1,300 incorrect surgical operations per million per week, for example, the Six Sigma yield would be a vast improvement at just one incorrect surgical operation in 20 years.
A flint tool was probably used to cut the hole in a technique known as trepanning, one of the oldest forms of surgical operation, which attempted to alleviate headaches by releasing pressure or evil spirits from the brain.
Each kind of healer had its place and its own clientele, defined in terms of class (rich or poor, urban or rural), context (private or institutional), technique (medication and diet, surgical operation, or prayer and incantation), and condition (chronic or acute, internal or external, hernia or cataract).
Tenders are invited for Surgical Operation Luminaires for Krajsk zdravotn, as III - Part 1: Surgical Operation Luminaire for Gynecological and Obstetric Department of the Teplice Hospital
The arthroscopic hip joint surgery is technically difficult and had not been available for the patients; as such procedures were previously performed by the surgical operation.