surgical knife

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a very sharp knife used in surgery

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Primo asserts that "with research, caution, and a nearly surgical knife, we move into such markets to take advantage of market conditions.
He famously took a surgical knife and scissors to his iPhone 4S SIM card in order to fit it into the iPhone 5's 'nano SIM' socket.
Dr Jennifer Bolton said such a deep cut through the bone was not easy to achieve, even when carried out as part of a post-mortem, with a surgical knife.
As well as books, Sir John also donated his surgical knife and the glass slides to the National Library.
ItAAEs a robot called CyberKnife which directs radiation, like a surgical knife, with convergence of 1,200 X-ray beams on precise targets.
traces the history of the surgical knife from a blunt and erratic stone during palaeolithic times to a steady but not sterile scalpel in Galen's Rome.
Hayley Gray, aged 21, of Coundon Road, Radford, Coventry, having a surgical knife in a public place without lawful authority, community order for two years and ordered to forfeit the surgical knife for destruction.