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Synonyms for surgery


Synonyms for surgery

a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

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3 percent of California patients who had undergone the surgery returned to a hospital within a year.
by Joel Matta, head of orthopedic surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital near downtown Los Angeles.
It's a sad fact," says Janice Styer, therapist at the Caron Foundation in Philadelphia, "but getting plastic surgery is almost as accepted as getting braces these days.
Bariatric surgery is one of the many ways that millions of Americans are trying to lose weight.
Endoscopic sinus surgery was performed by the senior author (D.
Specialty: Heart transplant surgery, echocardiography
Before suggesting hip replacement surgery, the doctor is likely to try walking aids such as a cane, or non-surgical therapies such as medication and physical therapy.
Today, a handful of doctors around the world perform surgery without ever touching their patients.
Our expansion into the neurosurgery market after only a few months of experience in spinal surgery is another example of ArthroCare's ability to quickly leverage its core technology into important new indications in related surgical fields.
they understand that breast implants are not lifetime devices, that they may have to undergo multiple surgeries and they want to avoid more surgery
Alejandro Daviko Marcel, director of the Transgender Education Network, a state-funded agency in Boston, says he has never heard of an insurance company paying for reassignment surgery.
1986) of individuals who had coronary bypass surgery at the University of Alabama in Birmingham found that over one fifth had a decrease in the number of work hours one year after surgery.
Analysis of surgical utilization data helped the community decide whether to do outpatient surgery in the hospital or go to a freestanding, surgical center.
This research service titled Emerging Image-guided and Robot-assisted Surgery provides an overview of technologies that can change the landscape of image-guided and robotic surgical methods and covers the key developers and their developments.
Gagne, a Cy Young Award winner and major-league record-holder with 84 consecutive saves, is scheduled for surgery on his right elbow Friday.