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a boat that can be launched or landed in heavy surf

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Surfboats were launched directly into the waves and were considered among the most effective lifesaving tools.
Fischer only came to the sport of sailing in his early thirties after excelling at rugby league, boxing and surfboat racing.
On July 25 at Montauk Point, rower Rick Shalvoy launched his 19-foot surfboat -- donated by Genovese -- for the 250-mile trip.
She was on a charge to the degree where the yacht's performance brought back memories for the owner of the days more than 50 years ago when he was a surfboat sweep in Sydney: "This is an exciting boat.
On display at the museum are pieces of rescue equipment, including a covered "life car" used to transport shipwreck victims to shore, three surfboats, and a Lyle gun, which fired a rescue line to stranded ships.
The idea was novel, the action spilling out of the stadium and down the Yarra River which was lined by an estimated 150,000 Melbur-nians and where 18 surfboats carried the flags of the 18 Commonwealth Games, each of the nations represented by a giant sculptured fish, apparently forming a link between the river and the oceans of the world.
Just off the dining room, the huge living room once served as the boat room, where surfboats hung from the ceiling.
A river launch and two surfboats were brought up the Benin River to ferry the force up to the village of Ologbo from where they could start their approach on Benin City; 24 miles away.
They drilled daily to hone their skills at firing lines (which would be shot to stricken ships), practicing retrieving "victims" with the breeches buoy (a sort of life-ring with shorts in which a person would sit and be pulled to shore along a line attached to the ship), handling their surfboats, and quickly preparing and moving their equipment in a heavy, wide-wheeled wagon known as the apparatus cart.