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emerging to the surface and becoming apparent

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And a "surface fit" tool built into Style creates initial surface models directly from the geometry sketching tools; which can be used for early feasibility and later imported 100% into Class A surfacing software for more sophisticated engineering analysis.
They also pointed out that testing is an integral part of the manufacturing process for synthetic surfacing and how thorough and creative the surface companies are.
Inspiration for Tempest stemmed from the need for a surfacing option that provides the aesthetic of natural quartz and stone with the properties of solid surface.
Surfacing companies vary on the precise G-Max level, which is not to exceed 200 g's.
As the leading surfacing software developer (with approximately 65% of the market) ICEM Ltd.
It is to surfacing what Home Depot is to home improvement.
Founded in 1983, the Avonite Surfaces product line is the innovation leader for countertop and vertical surfacing applications.
We like the ability to easily move from surfaces to solids and back to surfacing in one package," says Vitullo.
Using unique technology developed by PTC's ICEM Surfacing Center of Excellence, this new free-form surfacing technology will complement the existing parametric surface design tools available in Pro/ENGINEER to deliver one of the most comprehensive and interactive surfacing and styling solutions on the market today.
Imageware V10 focuses on enhancing existing surfacing tools and developing new tools for solving specific design issues.
PSM is a leading worldwide producer of decorative and industrial laminates, finished foils, printed paper and other surfacing materials.
CADDS 5i R10 features interoperability with other PTC i-Series applications via the Associative Topology Bus (ATB) and introduces significant new surfacing capabilities as well as new manufacturing functionality.
NASDAQ:PMTC), today announced the creation of the ICEM Surfacing Center of Excellence to drive the development and advancement of styling and surfacing technology.
ICEM Technologies, a subsidiary of Parametric Technology Corporation (NASDAQ:PMTC), today announced the next generation of its styling and surfacing series of tools, ICEM Surf 2000i, CDRS 2000i and 3DPAINT 2000i.
ICEM Technologies, a subsidiary of Parametric Technology Corporation (NASDAQ:PMTC), announced today that Ford Motor Company has selected ICEM Surf as the surfacing tool for every new vehicle program.