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capable of lowering the surface tension of a liquid

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Changes in the concentration of surface-active substances and associated films are significantly modified by the field of local surface currents, created by various sources (Bulgakov et al.
Water molecules accumulate on these surface-active substances, thereby forming a conductive film on the surface, which enables the electrostatic charge to be distributed and discharged evenly.
Platinum DD: An aqueous blend of surface-active agents, Platinum DD is designed to reduce the surface tension of all water-base mud systems and reduce the sticking tendency of water-sensitive shale cuttings.
Blackburn Chemicals Ltd, a leading manufacturer of antifoam and speciality surface-active chemicals, has installed a BABCOCK WANSON HEB 300 Hot Water Boiler into its Lancashire factory as part of an expansion programme.
Next, many of liquid crystals (especially twisted nematic liquid crystals--esters of cholesterol) are surface-active substances which can strengthen the P.
Modification of highly hydrophilic water-soluble polysaccharides by grafting a low amount of hydrophobic groups like alkyl chains leads to water-soluble amphiphilic derivatives, which usually exhibit associative properties in water, viscosity-increasing effects and surface-active properties enabling to control foaming or emulsion stability (2), (3).
Biosurfactants are the structurally diverse group of surface-active molecules synthesized by microorganisms.
After this time, the decline in strength could be caused only by the destructive processes of the added surface-active substance (oleinic acid).
Among their topics are surfactants based on natural fatty acids, surfactants based on carbohydrates and proteins for consumer products and technical applications, ethylene from renewable resources, surfactants from waste biomass, surface-active polymers from cellulose, and dispersion stabilizers based on inulin.
A complex blend of surface-active ingredients, the product aggressively lifts particulate soils (including chlorinated paraffin) and, more importantly, prevents their redeposition on the cleaned surface.
Because a detergent is referred to as a surface-active agent, as the control solutions we used a surface-active substance (ethanol), a surface-inaetive sub stance (NaCl), and distilled water (DW).
According to the received activity series built up from the derived values on surface activities, Bi leads the list of the most surface-active elements followed by Ca, Sr, Sn, Sb, Cd, Mg, and so on.
During spray-drying, surface-active components interact with the droplet surface, and coat the powder surface according to their adsorption efficiency.
Most dithiophosphates are surface-active liquid substances.
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