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Synonyms for surefooted

not liable to stumble or fall

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not liable to error in judgment or action

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Steering feels well weighted and the transmission is straight forward, while the brakes gripped surefootedly.
Steering is nicely weighted and the Megane handles surefootedly when cornering.
A delightfully DaVinci-Code like reading of Midlothian's Roseneath as hidden ground, uncompleted narrative trope (54), proposes a Scott surefootedly continuing the "bungled" and "huddled" conclusions that "actively refuse an end" to narration (54-55).
Evanghelia Stead picks her way surefootedly through the deformations, amalgams, and cross-breeds, via the Babel of hyperbolic voices pro and contra Decadentism.
Millard's try, ironically, came after Wood just failed to intercept a pass from fly-half John Higgins, the Coventry winger surefootedly managing to stay in play and fly along the wing to score, James Moore converted both.
Few can guide one so surefootedly through the tangles of Aristotelian natural philosophy, for example.