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proficient and confident in performance

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However that streak has a fair chance of being broken With fellow sure-handed receiver Roddy White and a solid running game, the value lies with the Falcons, who could win this outright.
"Kennith Smith's sure-handed guidance has been instrumental in the growth and prosperity of our organization," said George Gleason, the bank's chairman of the board and chief executive.
AION will stabilize the assets and begin to increase value through strong local relationships and sure-handed asset management.
It could have been more dramatically gripping with a more sure-handed narrative style; the story is hindered a bit by the use of excessive dialogue between the people involved necessarily re-created after the passage of time and by a non-linear narrative that interrupts the emotional impact of the tale.
The judges described the section as containing "sure-handed, intelligent editorials; impressive op-ed pieces; [and] attractive layouts."
Backed by the sure-handed roots band Ollabelle, White insists he's "done turning diamonds into coal" and proclaims, "I'll never fit in, so why should I try?" with his weary voice indicating that each good day is hard earned.
Under the scribe's sure-handed direction, a vibrant ensemble of young Brits make the snappy dialogue crackle and pop in this seriocomic take on the know-it-all generation, which arrives at the Brits Off Broadway festival at 59E59 trailing beaucoup kudos from Blighty.
Russell's treatment of these images leavens sure-handed referential precision with gestural vagary in a way that recalls the blurring effect deployed by Richter, but here the painterly dissolution of information is never executed in quite such a consistently all-over manner.
Normally, the offense will be giving the ball to sure-handed players.
But it was his sure-handed return to presenting last year's Brit Awards that reminded a forgetful public why we liked him so much.
Duckers retrieved his jacket from a pool of dry cider only to then get it covered in red wine as one of the other oafs proved rather less than sure-handed.
Renaud Ducet's sure-handed stage direction yielded a refreshing naturalness of interaction between the characters that kept their purposes and relationships crystal clear.
This is not to suggest that Bernice Kanner didn't accurately and provocatively portray how otherwise confident and sure-handed CEOs botch their relationships with the press ("Business Smart, Media Dumb," CE May 2001).
The show pays close attention to Cocteau's drawings, especially the artist's body of erotic work, which King describes as "beautiful, very sensitive line drawings, very sure-handed illustrations.
Wherever the humor might be hampered by the less-than-fresh premise, it's buoyed by sure-handed execution.