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Synonyms for sure-footed

not liable to stumble or fall

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not liable to error in judgment or action

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"We are conducting a deliberate and sure-footed operation, whenever an area is cleared the next step is to consolidate it and handover its control to the political administration," Maj Gen Asim Bajwa, spokesman for ISPR, said in a press conference.
Newcomer Amy Sussman has brought sure-footed Miami style to our fair city.
"A sexy woman has a wiggle in her walk, a giggle in her talk and a sure-footed purposefulness in her stride" - Broadcaster Vanessa Feltz.
"A sexy woman has a wiggle in her walk, a giggle in her talk and a sure-footed purposefulness in her stride" Broadcaster Vanessa Feltz "How many more generations of hippopotami can David Attenborough whisper with?" Broadcaster Baroness (Joan) Bakewell marvels that the wildlife star is still going strong in his 80s "The mental stress, I think, would be pretty difficult for a lady to deal with in a practical fashion.
But from opener Heaven And All, a rocker as inexorable and sure-footed as an ice road trucker, it packs a punch.
The plaudits have been rolling in steadily for sure-footed Canada since the early days of the subprime mortgage crisis.
While Williams is less sure-footed in her accounts of the expeditions, she has filled in a few important gaps in our knowledge of the least recognised member of Scott's team.
McCain's name - it was actually Donald, but everyone called him Ginger - will live forever in racing legend alongside that of Red Rum, the sure-footed, Flat-bred national icon he trained to win the Aintree marathon three times, the only horse to achieve such a feat.
As smiled with daggers as Rob is with his crossbow, as sure-footed as squirrels crossing the forest on high by running through overlapping tree branches, and fearless to a fault, Scar is a valued band member and an appealing narrator who exudes enough testosterone to attract male and female readers.
Being 54 now, I am not as nimble and sure-footed as when I was in my 20s.
A frantic scramble in the goalmouth almost yielded a Bay goal but their best chance came when a foul in the box on 88 minutes brought a penalty award, but the normally sure-footed Rob Hopley shot so weakly thatWilson was able to save comfortably.
The Yeti offers sure-footed grip in slippery conditions but is small enough and practical enough to be able to enjoy as a family hatchback for the weeks of the year when we don't get snow!
The result is a layering of light and shadow and this breaks up the height, giving the car a more sure-footed stance."
"When you talk about the osteoporosis setting you are dealing with a very competitive market against a well-known generic, so a sure-footed marketing and partnering strategy will be critical," said John Sonnier, an analyst with William Blair & Co.
That says that they are what I have always said about the Smart Car: it's a rugged, sure-footed little tank.