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Synonyms for surcease

to prevent the occurrence or continuation of a movement, action, or operation

Synonyms for surcease

a stopping

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I agree with the contributors in part 3 who find it interesting that after a bad day we might get surcease by seeing our favourite character going through agonies of self-questioning, only to break the law in ways that they are sworn to uphold.
High-dose methotrexate in osteosarcoma: Let the questions surcease – Time for final acceptance.
Obama knows more about crime and policing than his FBI Director is, quite obviously, ludicrous, but the President thought it necessary to take Comey down, because to recognize the connection between proactive policing and public safety undermines the entire premise of the anti-cop Left: that the police oppress minority communities rather than bring them surcease from disorder.
In the ocean, the jelly flexed and relaxed without surcease. Contracting, it propelled itself toward the sunlit surface; fanning open, it hovered on a roller and drifted downward.
To this he will add three scenes later a shocking disregard for divine retribution in the lines "if the assassination / Could trammel up the consequence, and catch / With his surcease success; that but this blow / Might be the be-all and the end-all here, / But here, upon this bank and shoal of time, / We'Id jump the life to come" (1.7.1--7), echoed later in the rather cavalier attitude toward his immortal soul, his "eternal jewel" that, we find, he doesn't mind consigning to hell as long as he gets what he wants here and now (3.1.65-72).
This statement, that the righteous and wicked are totally equal and in the same place, troubled the Aramaic translator, who accordingly rendered verse 17, "There the wicked cease from troubling, and there the weary are at rest", as "There the wicked who have repented find surcease from the troubles of Gehinnom, and there the scholars who exhausted their strength in the Torah are at rest."
Frequently, user is becoming stuporous, unconscious, shortly followed by surcease of breathing and cardiac arrest (5).
I will not do't, Lest I surcease to honour mine own truth And by my body's action teach my mind A most inherent baseness.
The Islamic Republic said loudly and without surcease that the United States had created IS as an American tool to allow the Americans to justify their military return to the region to dominate it--though how it planned to do that with no "boots on the ground" was never explained.
Simply calling surcease to the usual bustle of life would be salutary.
release and surcease, a lightning strike, evaporating
Coriolanus refuses to flatter the commoners, because they are dishonorable in his eyes, even though refusing to do so will ultimately cost him his life: I will not do't Lest I surcease to honour my own truth, And by my body's action teach my mind A most inherent baseness.
Although there may be no 'surcease of sorrow,' this poem does help to create, over time and around the world, a community of shared sorrow." (Hayes 2009b: 195)
As he correctly prophesied at the age of nineteen, the passion for human improvement he had imbibed as a child would only surcease in the silence of the tomb.
The final act of her life, her decision to drown in waves she so often painted as surcease, may be viewed as both a testament to her courage and to her lack of it in the face of the coming horror of a world war.