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the belief that some particular group or race is superior to all others

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That kind of language feeds straight into the kind of assumptions on which the 'great replacement' theory, which drives white supremacism, is based.
Canada's delegate recalled the attack in a Quebec City mosque two years ago and said that when violence like this occurs, whether in mosques, churches, synagogues or on the streets, it must be called what it is: neo-Nazism, white supremacism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism.
"Jihadist attacks in Europe are grist to the mill of white supremacism, part of public opinion becoming convinced that governments are not able to fight efficiently jihadism in Europe."
White supremacism is not really an Australian phenomenon, being more American and European.
But a rush to blame Trump for inciting racial hatreds obscures the enduring power of historical Australian white supremacism. For the settler colony, whose unparalleled 'whites only' policy restricted non-European immigration from 1901 until the late 1960s, has defined a global culture of besieged whiteness.
Trump's anti-Muslim and antimigrant policies and his continued vacillation between lending racism and white supremacism legitimacy and condemning far-right exclusivism.
The term 'Hindutva' is alternatively used to signify a variety of the concepts such as 'Hindu Nationalism', 'Hindu Supremacism' and 'Brahmanism' in today's India.
The design of the pavilion was inspired by Supremacism style, a concept developed during 1913-1915 by Kazimir Malevich and used later in product and graphic design as well as architecture.
The Anti-Defamation League is cautioning Congress to focus instead on federal tracking of extremist threats -- especially those arising from a growing movement of white supremacism nationwide.
LaPlante's original has been Americanised, to be sure -- but even that feels glib sometimes, with implicit shout-outs to white supremacism and Black Lives Matter.
Before Trump's arrival, a crowd of protesters blocked the entrance to the city's Republican club, over the party's purported failure to denounce white supremacism.
The alternative is a form of religious supremacism, a society where some people have more rights than others, by dint of their faith.
But they were united on the point of Hindi supremacism. This represented a fundamental difference, as evidenced by the nature of the debate that followed, between non-Hindi members who resisted Hindi imperialism and Hindi members who insisted on Hindi imposition on non-Hindi peoples.
Many faculty of color have taken to social media to discuss diversity and to push against racism, white supremacism, and prejudice in the academy.