supraorbital ridge

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a ridge on the frontal bone above the eye socket

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Lateral cephalograms help assess the thickness of the anterior table and supraorbital ridge in relation to the frontal sinus in order to prevent penetration into the sinus.
Along with this, the child had dry skin, sunken cheeks, depressed nasal bridge, protruded lips, prominent frontal bone, and supraorbital ridges [Figure 1].
The craniotomy bone flap is replaced with a titanium burr hole cover and two titanium square plates to improve the cosmetic result by restoring the supraorbital ridge. The pericranium and muscle flap are then closed primarily.
In late 1999, Vadhana Subhavan and Somsak Pramankij, researchers from Thailand's Sood Sangvichien Prehistoric Museum and Laboratory, found four pieces of frontal bone, discovered to be 500,000 to 1 million years old, that are the upper part of a supraorbital ridge from a skull.
They sometimes are seen over the supraorbital ridge and zygoma.[1]
ED syndrome cases usually show manifestations of typical general mental development, frontal bossing with characteristics reduction in amount of hair, absence of sweat glands resulting in temperature elevation, absence of sebaceous glands resulting in dry skin, depressed nasal bridge, protuberant lips, prominent supraorbital ridges, sunken cheeks, wrinkled hyperpigmented skin around the eyes and large low-set ears.