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located or occurring above the eye socket


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Supraorbital bar black, with distinctive narrow extension over the neuromast parietal series.
17) The other two patients continued to have constant headaches but both reported their response to stimulation as good, with the severity of the headaches reduced by 50-75%; one of these patients had derived further benefit from implanted bilateral supraorbital stimulators.
The electrodes were placed over the DLPFC in the F3 position for anodal stimulation and the contralateral supraorbital region for cathodal stimulation.
Both PrO plates have a supraorbital sensory line (soc) that runs anterolaterally from the ossification centres.
External Measures and Body Weight Crown-heel length Crown-rump length Supraorbital head circumference Chest circumference at nipples Abdominal girth at umbilicus Foot length Limb length of long bones in cases of suspected skeletal dysplasia Table 2.
10) In type II LDS patients, facial findings are not so severe and include a tall, broad forehead; frontal bossing; a high anterior hair line; hypoplastic supraorbital margins; and a myopathic face.
Cluster headaches are attacks of severe, strictly unilateral pain, which can be orbital, supraorbital or temporal, lasting 15-180 minutes and with a typical regular recurrence, from once every other day to eight times a day.
BRYONIA Often associated with constipation, the headache here is usually frontal, temporal, occipital or left supraorbital and is bursting or splitting in character.
c) Tirnak yatagina, supraorbital veya temporomandi-buler ekleme derin basi uygulandiginda yuzde burusma, eksime olmadigi tesbit edilir.
Tension-type Headache Cluster Headache Episodic headache attacks lasting Episodic attacks of severe, 30 minutes to 7 days and having strictly unilateral, orbital, supraorbital, and/or temporal pain lasting 15-180 minutes if untreated.
Head with large protruding eyes, two supraorbital setae; labrum transversal, bearing six setae, apical margin straight or sinuous.
3,4) Carious and misplaced teeth, (4) and patchy sclerosis of the cranial vault with associated moderate supraorbital prominence and prognathism are features that have been reported in Pyletype metaphyseal dysplasia.
Signs of the cardiac form include subcutaneous edema, particularly of the head, neck, chest, and supraorbital fossae.
These include reduction of the absolute size of the face, pronounced supraorbital tori, nonprojecting chins, relative megadontia, expansion of the occlusal surface of the premolars, rotation of teeth within the maxilla and mandible, and dental agenesis.
They found that taps on the supraorbital nerve elicited multiple startle patterns, probably by stimulation of structures of the eye supplied by trigeminal nerve branches.