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located or occurring above the eye socket


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neomexicana in Hidalgo County had incomplete circumorbital series that extended no farther anteriorly than the midpoints of the third supraocular scales which provided evidence of the diagnostic utility of the character in distinguishing these species in New Mexico (Table 3).
exsanguis from De Baca County revealed that they fall within the ranges of variation of only the lateral supraocular granules character in A.
diploproa collected during the same survey by the presence of supraocular and nuchal spines and the absence of prominent dentigerous knobs on the premaxillaries.
Supraocular spine or at least an enlarged superciliary scale present 8 7' Neither supraocular spine or enlarged superciliary scale present Gonatodes albogularis 8.
Fine yellow supraocular stripe extends obliquely across pronotum, ends as yellow dot on the metathoracic episternum at base of hind leg.
Aparte del significado biologico general de estos hallazgos, incluso para discutidas orientaciones taxonomicas, la lepidosis supraocular llega a refrendar una decision sistematica con su evidencia.
Two anterior fontanels located between supraocular and nuchal regions, distinguishable as two dark areas, also identified as a complex tubular system connected with those of the preopercle, opercle, and membranous structure.
Parietal ridges ending in spines; preocular, supraocular and tympanic spines well developed.
It's a stout, moderate-sized snake, with a small head, large eyes, and the outer edges of the supraocular scales noticeably elevated.
5 mm, there was a supraocular crest and 2 posttemporal spines (Fig.
Characters Description Stripes Number of pale dorsal stripes (five-seven) scored at midbody FP Bilateral total of femoral pores on thighs COS Bilateral total of circumorbital scales as standardized by Wright and Lowe (1967) PSG Bilateral total of para-supraocular granules; all granular scales anterior and lateral to the circumorbital scale row including those between supraoculars and superciliaries (lateral supraocular granules) SDL Number of subdigital lamellae on the fourth toe of one foot (right chosen unless damaged) GAB Number of granular dorsal scales in a single row around midbody.
Los margenes de la orbita exhiben cuatro dientes separados por espacios profundos; estos dientes son el preocular, supraocular, postocular, y subocular; el preocular es comprimido y romo, con borde anterior denticulado.
A medium sized frog that can be distinguished because of its distinctive large heel tubercle and numerous supraocular tubercles, with one enlarged.
Escama rostral pentagonal, visible desde encima, dos veces mas ancha que larga; dos escamas intemasales en contacto en la parte media, una escama frontonasal grande, escama frontal pentagonal pequena; escama interparietal de mayor tamano que las parietales (Figura 2); cinco a ocho escamas infralabiales (promedio = 4,7), de las cuales cinco entran en la fosa ocular, una escama supraocular y dos escamas supraciliares (estos dos caracteres no presentaron variacion en la poblacion estudiada).
Espacio interocular apenas un poco mas amplio que el ancho maximo de la segunda escama supraocular.