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beyond the range of the normal or scientifically explainable


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One man had supranormal LH (15IU/l) and normal free testosterone concentration.
Essentially, the skin was seen to carry supranormal powers, or 'vaki' (e.g., Lehikoinen 2009, 171 ff.; Pentikainen 2007, 121), and thus it needed to be treated with care and respect (Korhonen 1982b; see also Holmberg 1915, 50 f.).
Parrillo et al., "Relationship between supranormal oxygen tension and outcome after resuscitation from cardiac arrest," Circulation, vol.
A longitudinal cohort study looking at elderly patients did not find an association between subclinical hypothyroidism and cardiovascular or all-cause mortality, raising concern for treating mildly supranormal TSH levels based on currently recommended cut-off limits [18].
Jayanthi et al., "Contradictory supranormal differential renal function during nuclear renographic investigation ofhydroureteronephrosis," Journal of Urology, vol.
These preparations produce fluctuations in serum testosterone levels, with supranormal levels occurring soon after injection and subnormal levels occurring immediately prior to subsequent injections.
One such example may be electroretinographic supranormal rod response, indicating KCNV2 mutation type cone dystrophy, which can be precisely detected by Sanger sequencing or qPCR.
(15,16) The previously supranormal oxygen delivery targets with augmented haemoglobin levels was not shown to be beneficial by randomized controlled trials and is no longer practised.
Wayfinding in the Blind: Larger Hippocampal Volume and Supranormal Spatial Navigation.
* The athlete's heart is a big engine with "supranormal" filling and ejection.
In addition to the neutralizing effect of CMV-specific humoral immunity, the immunomodulatory effect of CMVIG treatment may have contributed to preservation of good lung function despite reduced immunosuppression, with the patient showing supranormal expiratory flow-volume curves.
In contrast, supranormal levels >77.4% occurs in approximately one-third of patients, and appears to be a warning sign of impaired tissue oxygenation and is associated with higher mortality.
According to the above noted study, in sepsis neutrophils exhibit "a supranormal adherence to endothelial monolayers treated with pro-inflammatory cytokines." Neutrophils have also been noted to contribute to sepsis in models of organ failure.
Many mechanisms may have roles in the impairment of the luteal phase in IVF treatment cycles including LH suppressive effect of GnRHs,18,19 possible early developmental effect of short-term supranormal estrogen and progesterone levels on the endometrium during luteal phase in the induced cycles, aspiration of the granulosa cells during the oocyte pick-up (OPU) procedure,20 and the blockage of LH release with the negative feed-back effect of the steroids synthesized secondary to the corpora lutea which are many in number.13