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transcending established national boundaries or spheres of interest

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Looking dazzling in a beautiful Gavin Miguel gown, Asha was crowned by the outgoing Miss Supranational, Mutya Datul from Philippines.
Walter McDougall sees the development of a supranational American foreign policy as a feature of an American civil religion.
It is not surprising, then, that the last 30 years have seen the emergence of a dense and influential supranational rule system that favors banks, hedge funds, multinational corporations, and billionaires at the expense of a large majority of the world's people.
The Commission of the EEU does not have any supranational authority over the respective Heads of State and Kazakhstan will not support the creation of any supranational political bodies, such as an EEU Parliament.
IDB Sukuk is the largest ever Islamic bond issued from the A rated supranational lender in 2014.
Supranational citizenship and the challenge of diversity, immigrants, citizens, and member states in the EU.
Two reigning titlists went on to win international titles: Bea Rose Santiago (Miss International) and Mutya Johanna Datul (Miss Supranational 2013).
The political challenges make the implementation more difficult for the EU is a supranational body thus decisions have been taken within supranational political system and implementation is left to member states.
The holders of the euro awoke rudely to find themselves at the utter mercy of member nations' "foreign governments" when they suddenly "discovered" that any euro-using nation could utilize the nefarious mechanisms offered by the supranational, gray financial economy and ignore each and every treaty requirement for budgetary constraint.
Bea was crowned alongside Miss Universe 2013 Third Runner-up Ariella Arida and Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Johanna Datul.
com)-- Supranational Hotels, one of the biggest hotel consortia globally has chosen RateTiger as their preferred hotel online channel management partner.
Supranational Hotels has chosen eRevMax's RateTiger to manage online channels and bookings for the hotels it represents.
The project involves the creation of a supranational bank supervisor, which will resolve crises in advance.
Summary: DUBAI - Saudi-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) issued a $500 million five-year Islamic bond, or sukuk, earlier this month, in a rare example of a privately-placed transaction from the supranational institution.
At its origins the European Union brought together nations emerging from the ruins of the devastating Second World War and united them in a project for peace built on supranational institutions representing the common European interest," Barros said.