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at an earlier place


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Toyota and BMW entered into a platform-sharing agreement that would see BMW end up with a new Z4 roadster and Toyota a new Supra coupe.
So does it matter that when you slip into the Supra you will see a lot of things that you will also see in a BMW?
Rey Oben said, the humble owner of Toyota Otis, Toyota Balintawak and Toyota Marilao, during the launch: 'Initially, we are given only a measly quota of one Supra per dealer.'
ONLY 16 of Toyota's 69 dealerships nationwide enjoy the luxury of selling the iconic Supra, whose first units rolled out from the assembly lines in 1978.
V, is the first-ever Toyota Supra to be retailed in the Philippines.
"Bringing the legendary Supra here is something we have always wanted to do, and we are positive that there are countless Toyota fans out there who share the same enthusiasm," said, Cristina Arevalo, first vice president for TMP.
True to its Japanese DNA, which hailed from early grand tourers like the A40 to the futuristic concept car FT-1, the All-New Toyota GR Supra is now on Philippine soil-ready to be tested at the country's very own racetracks.
The Philippine GR Supra is powered by a twin-scroll turbocharged, in-line six-cylinder engine that produces a maximum output of 335 hp and 500 Nm of torque.
The GR Supra already participates in the NASCAR Xfinity Series in North America and, from 2020, is scheduled to compete in the Super GT GT500 Class in Japan.
The new Supra is the first global model of Gazoo Racing's (GR) sports car series, it said.
Toyota President Akio Toyoda , who is also a master driver, commented: "Back in the day, I spent countless hours driving an old Supra at the NE-rburgring to become a master driver.
The Supra will be built in Graz in southern Austria, roughly 260 miles from BMW's headquarters in Munich.
(12) See Pelroth and Bilton, supra note 11 (detailing how authorities sought data from the Echo of a murder suspect).
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