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relating to or characterized by suppuration

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[10.] Arya SC, Mohapatra LN; Bacterial and mycotic flora in cases of chronic suppurative otitis media.
Conclusion: Type-1 tympanoplasty has a good outcome in the management of chronic suppurative otitis media, using temporalis fascia as graft material by underlay technique.
In acute appendicitis there are neutrophils in mucosa, wall of appendix and congested blood vessel with fibrinous exudates in the serosa while suppurative appendicitis associated with obstruction (fecalith, ball of worms) and abscess formation within the wall and foci of suppurative necrosis in the mucosa.5
To conclude suppurative parotitis should be considered in the differential diagnosis in a neonate presenting with incessant cry for timely institution of specific therapy.
The global burden of illness from chronic suppurative otitis media (chronic active otitis media) involves 65-330 million individuals with otorrhoea, 60% of whom suffer from significant hearing impairment.[13] Prevalence varies in different population groups, with local prevalence rates in SSA ranging between 0.4 and 4.2%-50% of these cases presenting in children under 10 years.[14
The S pyogenes and Y enterocolitica cases had various degrees of suppurative necrosis as the only finding.
In patients with acute suppurative form of CP this index made 62.4 mW, in group of patients with acute serous form of CP 73 mW, in children with latent form of CP - 78 mW.
The term cervical adenitis denotes an inflammation of the lymph nodes due to an infectious process (Figure 1A) Suppurative adenitis indicates an infected node which has undergone liquefaction necrosis (Figure 1B).
Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a middle ear inflammation usually accompanied with infection, leads to perforation of tympanic membrane and prevalent up to 72 cases in 1000 inhabitant in developing countries.
Suppurative keratitis defined as a defect in the corneal epithelium with infiltration of underlying and surrounding stroma associated with signs of inflammation (with or without hypopyon) with super added infection.
In this study we tried to identify aerobic bacteria isolated from patients suffering from acute suppurative tonsillitis and determine their susceptibility to antibiotics.
Among adults, suppurative meningitis caused by enteric organisms and suppurative meningitis that is culture negative are uncommon (1,2).
The suppurative form is marked by the progressive enlargement of regional lymph node (s) with collection of suppurative material and fluctuation associated with erythema and edema.