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Synonyms for suppurate

cause to ripen and discharge pus

ripen and generate pus

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Tularemia may be severe and even fatal; patients with lymphadenopathy may experience lymph node suppuration in 30% of cases (1).
The complications seen among these children included disabling hearing loss (7%), subpefiosteal mastoid abscess (5%), intracranial suppurations (6%), meningitis (4%), and facial nerve palsy (2%).
Though Huysman had always cultivated an exuberant relish for wounds and lesions and suppurations, here he surpassed himself (and I've translated only a snippet--the passage continues for almost three pages), but his ghoulish pleasure in depicting the insults of the flesh had, almost in spite of himself, a deeper purpose.
For some authors, the approach must be extraperitoneal, (10,11) to minimize the risk of hydatid dissemination, secondary suppurations, and postoperative occlusion.
The histopathologic findings were consistent with proliferative interstitial pneumonia associated with multifocal suppurations (Figure 1, panel C).
Surgical therapy for the release of suppurations of the petrous pyramid.
Superinfection of the lesions had led to pustule formation, suppuration, and ulceration.