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(medicine) the formation of morbific matter in an abscess or a vesicle and the discharge of pus

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The sequences were marked by suppuration of the cutaneous lesions (24 hours after removal of the metal ring) (Figure 2).
Computed tomography with contrast enhancement is the ideal imaging for assessing a perinephric abscess and the extension of suppuration; however, in the antepartum period, the risks of fetal harm should be weighed [14, 16, 17].
The inguinal approach was not completely closed due to suppuration. Surgery outcomes were simple; Mr.
Briefly, peri-implantitis was characterized by radiographically visible peri-implant bone loss greater than 3 mm, probing depth > 4 mm with bleeding on probing and/or suppuration [21, 22].
These mechanisms have been suggested to provide a shield against the development of thyroid suppuration [2-4].
With the post mortem concluding that death was caused by suppuration of the brain due to the injuries of two of the wounds, a verdict of manslaughter was returned.
We also collected data for sites with plaque, sites with bleeding on probing, sites with suppuration, sites with pockets that were 4 mm or greater, and sites with gingival recession.
(1) Although most spontaneous perforations heal, repeated ruptures and chronic suppuration can lead to permanent perforations such as the one seen in this patient.
Local symptoms, including incisional swelling and suppuration, were examined.
Non-specific features were conjunctival injection, corneal epithelial defect, suppuration, stromal infiltration, anterior chamber reaction and hypopyon.
It clinically manifests as suppuration, contiguous spread, granulomatous inflammation, and multiple abscess formation, as well as sinus tracts that discharge sulfur granules (9).
Microscopically, Lungs showed typical fibrinous bronchopneumonia, multifocal suppuration, Septae were thickened with fibrin, combined with cellular infiltration and edema (Fig.3).
Delayed diagnosis leads to more complications, suppuration, and the need for surgical intervention.
No other clinical signs, such as bleeding and/or suppuration on probing, were visible.
Although small areas of myonecrosis were encountered, suppuration without necrotizing infection was the predominant feature.