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(medicine) the formation of morbific matter in an abscess or a vesicle and the discharge of pus

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While receiving specific antimicrobial drug therapy, 9 patients experienced spontaneous suppuration.
And just as the plantation's production of space gives it control over the social relations constituted within that space, by claiming the space of Sutpen's Hundred as a suppuration of himself, he assumes the appearance of timelessness that the plantation provides.
1,3,4) Bacteremia frequently arises from localized suppuration involving the natural sites of Lactobacillus (1): oral cavity, digestive, genital and urinary tracts.
coli all these infections, if they are not sufficiently treated can be at the origin of septicemia [6] and can be also in question of the peritonitis, the cholecystites, the salpingites and the post-operative suppuration, playing the role of bacteria pyogenes and pyelonephritis (infection of the kidney with fever and bacteriemy).
26,27) One view is that, excluding spontaneous xanthomas that develop in hyperlipidemic states and immunologic or storage disorders resulting in defective phagocytosis, all other instances of xanthogranulomatous reactions are the consequence of lipid phagocytosis by macrophages secondary to hemorrhage, suppuration, or necrosis.
Bacteria that cause conditions such as furunculosis, pyemia, osteomyelitis, suppuration of wounds, and food poisoning.
Jorge and Bauer (1996) showed that in the dry socket suppuration does not take place, and exposed bony tissue of grayish coloration, sensibility to the instrumentation and fetid scent are observed.
Some years later, George Gulliver, assistant surgeon to the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, suggested that pus globules, detected in the blood in cases of extensive suppuration or great inflammatory swelling, were modified red corpuscles.
He slashed his throat with a razor several days before succumbing to a combination of this wound's suppuration and the liver disease.
November is dark and doom-dangled, fitful bone light And suppuration, worn wrack In the trees, dog rot and dead leaves, watch where you're going .
But the dog smelled just terrible, it was covered with a rotten-smelling suppuration, especially its left front leg, and really you could hardly bear to be around it, on top of the fact that even leashed it was so large and after all it didn't know us well (although it had indeed let us approach, and hadn't barked at us or attacked us, so it must have been quite smart already, knowing us to be the expected people and not strangers) and it was plain frightening to have it around.
The gauze may be treated with antibiotic ointment, antitoxin treated pads, suppuration agents, paraffin dressings or muscular pain relief agents.
The disease process involves an entry point for microorganisms (rupture of skin) with synergistic polymicrobial infection leading to obliterative endarteritis of subcutaneous arteries, necrosis of skin, subcutaneous tissues, fat, muscles, fasciae with suppuration and gas formation.
An abdominal ultrasound was performed, revealing appendicitis with suppuration in the recto-uterine pouch and a reflex ileus.
In our cases, despite the patient's clinical improvement while on antibiotic therapy, incision and drainage was required secondary to significant suppuration of the parotid gland.