suppurating sore

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Synonyms for suppurating sore

a sore that has become inflamed and formed pus


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When parliamentarians are exhorted (Mum, 1124) to burst the blisters 'leste the fals felon festre within', felon may well be (1) suppurating sore and (2) criminal.
What we do not need is that suppurating sore which is the Old Firm.
But that is only sticking plaster on a suppurating sore. The only real cure is to walk.YOUR PROBLEMSQI AM now in my 80th year and I don't know what is wrong with the young and not so young folk of today.
It destroys Lice, stops Pain and Scars, cures Erysipelas, Frost Bites, Chilblains, neutralizes the Poison in Bites, Stings and from Ivy, instantly stopping all pain and swelling, cures Suppurating Sores, prevents mortification, destroys contagion of Small-Pox, Measles.
No, it'll be just another temporary plaster over the nation's suppurating sores. Like the never-ending dross on our TVs, the dreadful daytime shows, pond life on parade, while the nation goes to hell in that proverbial handcart.
If his human worm repellent - very reasonable at sixpence the bottle - is a hoary joke now, my feelings then were not, neither were the suppurating sores on that boy's legs, and the week-old layer of dirt.
It is as if the brain itself has been wounded, and its suppurating sores are seeking attention, demanding relief that is being denied by any deviation from their origins.