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Synonyms for suppurate

cause to ripen and discharge pus

ripen and generate pus

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All of this is captured most horrifically in the old prostitute maddened by syphilis applying quack remedies to her suppurating sores.
And sitting at the heart of this suppurating boil of thuggery was Jeremy Corbyn, who some MPs have accused of "aiding and abetting" the intimidation.
Chronic suppurating otitis media; frequency of pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients and sensitivity to various antibiotics.
In contrast, patients with severe HS have chronic, painful, suppurating lesions that persist for years.
ISRAEL'S strangulation of Palestinian aspirations can only fan the flames of extremism in a region of the world already suppurating with it.
There were a number of suppurating wounds, boils, osteomyelitis, etc.
Calendula, along with Arnica, is particularly useful in acute injuries, especially excessively painful lacerations or cuts and ragged, suppurating wounds.
This is often called for in the later stages of burns and is particularly useful in cases where suppurating wounds or glandular swellings are evident, and the skin is cracked and itchy.
It destroys Lice, stops Pain and Scars, cures Erysipelas, Frost Bites, Chilblains, neutralizes the Poison in Bites, Stings and from Ivy, instantly stopping all pain and swelling, cures Suppurating Sores, prevents mortification, destroys contagion of Small-Pox, Measles.
Once the ears of infested animals are secondarily infested with bacteria, the mites leave the suppurating area and tend to infest outer ear or skin around eyes.
Although often the skin has a faintly salted sheen, which other artists have used to create a seductive flesh, here it made me think of suppurating decay.
Sweaty, greasy, cheesy, and red-haired (also an ominous sign in Death in Venice), with deep black shadows beneath his inflamed and watery eyes, the singer also displayed an abundance of "horrible pustules, red-rimmed, suppurating, some of them even bleeding" (25).
We expect to be repelled by things like rotten food, suppurating wounds, and day-old road kill.
Here though, we're not looking at suppurating boils and mentally punching the air, going, "Oh thank God, there's someone worse off than me"; instead we get to peek inside the landfill-esque living rooms of the nation's hoarding fraternity.