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Synonyms for suppurate

cause to ripen and discharge pus

ripen and generate pus

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To investigate more precisely the anaerobic microflora and to decipher whether nonculturable species could be associated with HS lesions, we performed a metagenomic study on 6 consecutive samples including 1 Hurley stage 1 abscess and 5 chronic suppurating lesions.
By supporting tyrants, fuelling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and demonising democratically elected Islamist parties, the West in general, but specifically America, has incubated a region inherently resistant to economic and political reform, and suppurating with resentment.
Through it we see another layer, a sheer stretched stocking, and through that, a newsprint photograph of Birmingham police attacking civil rights demonstrators, the reproduction etiolated as if it, in turn, opened onto a suppurating wound, an endless punctum.
He puts two hundred shillings into the hand of the woman with the baby, though he notices the scabs on the baby's mouth and its suppurating eyes.
The only physical injury I suffered was inflicted by the force they used to drag me to the car from the lime tree; the hessian sack that was roped over my head had burned a wedge of skin from just under my earlobe across to the peak of my Adam's apple and by the time I was in the poppy field sitting on the cold stone the wound had grown septic and was suppurating.
No, it'll be just another temporary plaster over the nation's suppurating sores.
Closing the News Of The World is merely putting a bandage on top of a suppurating sore.
Mr Saleh has been a master of this, constantly applying bandages without tending to the suppurating wounds underneath.
In the event, the piece is more like a fractured representation of an open and suppurating wound.
t]he palms of both my hands have suppurating lesions that refuse to close.
However, an expert on such matters might judge that a suppurating pimple on the tender regions of the inner left thigh runs it a close second - while a swarm of dyspeptic wasps in a bubble car puffs in not far behind.
A string of suppurating sores appears when someone brushes away a beetle and inadvertently smears the insect and the toxin, pederin, across the skin.
The king died, a suppurating blob, in 1547, but not before chopping the heads off two wives and thumbing his nose at the Pope in pursuit of a male heir.
It is as if the brain itself has been wounded, and its suppurating sores are seeking attention, demanding relief that is being denied by any deviation from their origins.